Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Longest Week

Week Thirty-five!

This week was really long but I have learned so much.

It all starts with the cambio.  Hermana Salinas went to Conception to take the place of another Hermana Lider.  I was talking to Hermana Henderson and she said that they could not find a mini missionary to go with me.  A mini missionary is someone preparing to go on a mission that play’s missionary with people like me.  But I didn’t have one.  So right now I am in a trio, while at the same time being alone.  When I don’t have someone to go with me I am with the girls from the ward El Tambo.  But I am in charge of my area alone and still need to keep the work moving forward there.

So because it was so short notice I didn’t really have a lot of members to go with me but this week should be a little more organized since I got to talk to the Relief Society about people going out with me so it should be better. This week I got to baptize Omar 2, Eva and Xamiel,

Eva is the grandma of Xamiel and they have the same birthday and we met them through a less active member.  Eva has so much faith, she has some debts but was willing to close her restaurant to go to church and was able to see the blessings immediately.  So when we taught tithing, she was like, I know I need to pay tithing so that I can get the blessings and she is so cute.  Xamiel is also so great, he is 9 years old, and loves primary so much he goes to all the church activities with us and they are so faithful.

I was able to see them all baptized this week and I know that their faith is so strong and they will endure through the end it was so beautiful

Other than that we spent a lot of time running between the areas and weren’t able to see a lot of people but I know it can only get better next week

Hermana Peters

Are you training others now?
No, it was an emergency cambio so someone went home and Hermana Salinas took their place, there are more girls in the mission than there are people coming in, so I might not get the chance to train.
How has the ward training plan been working?
Our ward mission leader took my idea and turned it into something that would never work, so we are taking the opportunity of Family Home Evenings and teaching the people these things in their homes.

Eva and Xamiel
Omar 2


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