Sunday, September 7, 2014

Compañeras de Nazca

Week Thirty-one!

That’s (the title) a joke because I have a new companion and she is from Nazca Peru, so obviously she has an in with the aliens, and I’m sure she is really sick of me talking about aliens.  But she is so good.  I feel like we have the same personality somewhat were just both laid back Pacific kids who are pretty quiet and pretty awesome so we have a good time.

This week we are officially, officially, starting the training of the leaders of the ward.  Our ward mission leader was kind enough to take all the credit because he knew he could because the only witness is now in the states, but yeah, that’s cool, if it all blows up its all his fault so I’m okay with it as long as they are getting trained.

I don’t really know what else to say today but everyone seems like they are happy in our district.  Elder Cook and Elder John are both from Idaho Falls and they knew each other a little before and had mutual friends so they are having a bit too much fun and were good too.  Everything is just starting to fall into place here.

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