Saturday, September 20, 2014

Elder Uceda

Week Thirty-three!

This week we had a very special and very spiritual Multizona with the President of Northwest South America, Elder Uceda. He spoke a lot about the blessings of being obedient as a missionary and it was really inspiring and was a lot like how you feel after Jeffrey R Holland talks, like how you need to repent for only being the Better of the Good Better Best, and not being the best. 

It feels like he spoke so long ago so I don’t really remember what stands out to me, that and I have a little bit of a head cold so my mind is a little scattered. 

We met some white kids
But its September now which means that the August festivals of Santiago have ended and that the September ones begin. That means there will be a lot of people dressed like white people this month. So that is cool.

Omar 1 isn’t getting baptized this week we are waiting for a bit more time. They have upped the requirements for someone that needs to be baptized and we are so blessed to be serving in this time. Before people were baptizing just to baptize but that lead to a lot of less actives in the area. Now we have the privilege to baptize those who are truly ready to live the gospel and also we now have the challenge of rescuing those who have gone less active and this is such a blessing because there are so many members who live around here who are less active or inactive and helping them is the greatest blessing we have. It feels so good helping to remind people why they were baptized.

And now I get my bragging moment. This week 3 people have noticed the amount of weight I have lost since I have been in Mantaro. I haven’t had a recent count but the last time I checked I had lost 15 lbs. and that was 3 weeks ago, but this week I feel really good about it. Mostly because people are starting to notice. Especially one of our less actives named Martha, almost cried, and she’s like Hermana you’re skinnier every time I see you, you need to get fat again and that was funny.

I feel great this week, except the whole cold thing, but yeah.
Love you Hermana peters

WE DONT GET GERERAL CONFERENCE UNTIL THE WEEK AFTER.  IT HAS BEEN POSTPONED IN THE COUNTRY OF PERU FOR ELECTIONS.  Actually, we don’t know what will happen.  Because in Peru you have to vote by law and so I don’t think that we will be able to leave our room either.  But some members are like we will pull it up online for you guys to watch in our house while we go vote but I’m thinking that president will do something in the office or in his house for us.  But really we have no idea, we might just have to wait.

Laguna de Paca

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