Thursday, July 23, 2015

and then there was one.

Week Seventy-Seven!

I don’t know if I will write next week or how it will be but here is a basic outline of what will be happening.  I will work like a missionary until Friday night at 6pm.  At 6pm we will unite all of my friends here in Ambo we will celebrate my leaving and that of Elder Recalde, and also my birthday because I say so.

Friday at 9pm we will return to our room and I will pack all of my junk and get ready for Saturday.  Saturday at like 10am I will start the 8 hour ride to Presidents house.  When I get to presidents house I will have my last interview Saturday night.  Sunday in the morning I will assist whatever ward in Huancayo I pick (I’m thinking Chilca but I’m not sure yet).  Then Sunday afternoon we will have the first half of our training about how to study, get a job and get married.  Then Monday morning we will finish the other half of the training and get out and go shopping in Huancayo like p day status.  Tuesday we do nothing waiting for the bus to leave at like 1pm then my flight leaves at 1:10am and I’m in my house at 3pm on Wednesday.

This week was good.  We saw the baptism of a young man named Yuliñho.  He has lots of desires to stay firm in the church and not just be baptized, and that is the most amazing thing, so yeah that’s a thing.  See you next week.

The first photo is of Jordan’s baptism by the elders, the second is Yuliñho and his parents.

Why Peruvians don’t smile in photos I still don’t know.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Second to last email.

Week Seventy-Six!

Well today I would like to talk about something that I learned in my mission.  While I have been going through ups and downs these last 18 months there is something very interesting I learned.

I went and visited a therapist and after many meetings and tests, I learned that I have something called Perfectionism.  That’s right I’m a medically diagnosed perfectionist.  (I’m guessing that it stems from my mom’s OCD)  But if you are wondering what that means here’s a little medical snip it.

Perfectionism is a medical condition characterized by severe self-criticism and self-doubt, often accompanied by anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive behavior. It can lead to appetite and sleep disturbances, confusion, problems in relationships, inability to concentrate, procrastination of important tasks, and, if left untreated, major depression, and anxiety disorders.

Now why have I waited to mention this?  I don’t know, but I realized that I haven’t and told my companion and she yelled at me for not telling anyone.

So here I am.  My main treatment has become looking at the positive side of things and it usually helps a lot.  So.  That’s what has happened.  I no longer need a therapist.  But it is a lifelong thing.  So that’s it on that.

Ambo is good.  They are planning my farewell / birthday party.  So I’m assuming that will be fun, and we also have a baptism planned for this Saturday.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Love you all

Hermana Peters

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Week of the 4th

Week Seventy-Five!

This week was good.  The highlight was definitely the 4th of July.  The Elders had a baptism of an investigator of like 2 years but he finally made it and it was great.

Also the same day we have less actives who make fireworks and this night they just happened to be testing some of their fireworks out and so we had fireworks and it was fun.

I’m still working and Ambo is still about the same so there is work to work.