Monday, May 26, 2014

“Though Israel be not yet gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the Lord, and my God shall be my strength.”

Week Seventeen!

This week was a growing week.  Which is happy code for this week was really, really, really ridiculously hard.  On Tuesday we found out Hermana Witt was going to Lima until Saturday.  We had two options close Chilca for a few days or have a member be my companion for a while.

Obviously I chose the latter, I’m not leaving my investigators.  So with two weeks left in my training, I became a trainer.  But that wasn't the hard part, leading the lesson wasn't hard, the speaking Spanish every second wasn't hard.  It was the changing companions every 12 hours that was hard.

And by Saturday I was so done.  I was so ready to have Hna Witt back, and that was when I got the phone call.  Hna. Witt isn't coming back till Tuesday as in tomorrow Tuesday, I still don’t have a companion.  Today I am staying with the Hermanas of PeƱaloza and I think this has been the hardest because I’m not in my area with people I’m comfortable with and I’m not with my companion, who is quite a bit more obedient than some other missionaries, and that is the hardest part.  Being ignored in lessons, getting yelled at for my informe numbers and doing the right thing all by myself when everyone around me is supposed to be doing it too.

But there were some highlights to the week.  We saved the cat and broke a window in the process, oops.  There was a stake relief society activity, where a bunch of Peruvians acted out the Oregon Trail, well not the Oregon Trail but the one for the Mormons.  I don’t remember what it was called but they were doing the story in Daughters of my Kingdom and there was a part about Taiwan and the United States and I got to be the United States it was great.

Then on Sunday the member didn't know they were feeding us so they took us to a restaurant and on the TV Lost was playing it was Season Two and I was like, Hey, I know this show, I've seen every episode.  Angie, my temp companion was like every episode?  This just started and I was just like I know what happens, hahaha, it was great.

After lost was over Warehouse 13 started and I was like man this is awesome, just kidding, it was only slightly cool for a brief worldly moment.

But this week I decided Isaiah is my favorite prophet of antiguidad, and Nephi is my favorite in the book of Mormon and here are some verses I liked.

"Then I said, I have labored in vain, I have spent my strength for naught and in vain, surely for my judgment is with the Lord and my work with my God"

"But Behold Zion hath said, The Lord hath forsaken me, and my Lord hath forgotten me- but he will show he hath not"

This is total.

We went to get Jaime’s marrage peper stuff
and we picked up a hitch hiker and his dead cow.
It was great

When the Olympics come to the middle of nowhere Peru,
yeah they’re ready
This fruit is warehead sour
This fish has a head

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Cat that Enters Without Permission

Week Sixteen!
Well this week was pretty good. The first thing that happened was divisions, and it was hard.  For 24 hours I was with the Hrna Leader. Someone I don’t know and we didn’t really have time to get to know each other or each other’s teaching style.  So we would try to have lessons and take it in completely opposite directions from each other and we didn’t know how to teach in each other’s way.  So that was hard.  But I passed and I get to stay on my mission so yeah, go me.

Yeah and then Rosanny finally got baptized.  Finally. lol, but yeah after she was like I do not care about my mom’s opinion on this I know I need to be baptized and she was.  Her mom was like I will not be there because my son has sports and Rosanny was like I don’t care so we picked her up because her mom won’t take her.   So we pick her up to take her to the church, which took extra time because they closed the main road for drag races, (crazy right) and Rosanny’s mom was sitting out watching the drag races.  So yeah she was there but Satan was holding on till the very end.  We had to baptize her 3 times, because she wasn’t making it under all the way.  It was hard and her mom is like no we need to stop she can’t do it again and were like will you be quiet for like 5 seconds while we do this and so she did and the third time was perfect and it was all good.
Then there is this cat whom I assume you have heard about before it enters without permission and one time I hit it with a broom and so it is scared of us.  Well this cat.  THIS CAT, fell through a hole on the roof into a locked room that only the land lord (who is currently in Lima) has access to, and at 2am, TWO IN THE MORNING it started meowing at the top of its lungs non stop in the window that was dividing my head from the room.  So at 6 30 when we can "wake up" we opened the window and it ran from us, because I hit it with a broom once, so it didn’t want us to save it, so we went to the neighbor who also has access to the room via window and she wasn’t tall enough to reach it so Hna Witt tried to grab it and still couldn’t reach.

Finally when we hid and she called it, it jumped into her house.

I really don’t want that cat living here and I am really tired.

Hermana Peters

Happy Birthday Herman Witt

Week Fifteen!

Well this week was a lot better than most. I don’t know why and I don’t know why I have things to say because I literally talked to you yesterday but I do.

Haydee's Baptism
This week we had a baptism for Ide, which is actually spelled Haydee as we found out. Oops.  It was good and she is so cute.  She put on a baptismal gown and was all embarrassed to walk out but when she did her husband like lite up. It was seriously so cute. 
Haydee, Hma. Witt, Hma. Peters
Haydee's Family

We were supposed to baptize her niece Diana too but her aunt took her away on purpose so that she wouldn't be baptized.  Which is really annoying because her aunt had never had anything to do with her life before so why does she care now?  I know why because of Satan.

But good news on the Rosanny front, She is confident that she will be baptized on this Friday because she is 18 and can make her own decisions and she wants to be baptized I feel like because she knows it’s true and because she knows she needs to be baptized she is getting the confidence to talk to her mom.  Which is awesome.

We also have a young man who was baptized by the elders who were there before us and we were talking to his sister and she’s like I want to be a Mormon and were like well did Henry tell you anything about the church and she was like nope nothing and we were like well now we can punch Henry.  Just kidding but it was a little frustrating because she loves the gospel and we are teaching his mom too and his dad lives in Utah so we were just like wut.

Anyway, we were teaching her and her friend and they had lots of questions and then somehow her friend was like but there are zombies in the United States.  We were trying so hard not to laugh, but really we died.  It was so funny.  We explained to her that it was just a TV show called the walking dead but she was so cute it was so funny.

This Friday was the birthday of Hermana Witt.  And it was a pretty good day, we had a hard time at first, because we lost our baptism, but after we went and saw Jaimes family and they gave us cake and we ate cake and then we went to our pentionista and she gave us cake and we ate cake again and it was good.

I think that was it and it was a good week and today is cool.

Love you 
Hermana Peters

We had a good time on Sunday it was basically like a second p day we had church and then we went to the familia baltzar, with the elders in our ward, and the elders in the other ward, and we ate pachamunca which is made by digging a hole and you put the potatoes in and cover with rocks and then the meat and cover with rocks and then humitas and cover with rocks and then the vegetables and cover with grass and rocks and corn husks and then cover with a tarp and it cooks from the heat of the earth and they filmed everything because there is a TV show called Consuelo in Peru and we are going to be on it tonight at 5, it is the show of their daughter, and they are just a super cool family.  They just threw all the food on tarps and we just ate it with our fingers.  It was cool.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Chilca!

Week Fourteen!

Well it was another super slow week here in Huancayo and I mean really slow.  The festival Cuazimoto went until Tuesday, Thursday was workers day, and Friday was the anniversary of Chilca.  We really didn't teach many lessons because everyone was at all the festivals or having fun with the families because they didn't work.

Remember Rosani?  Yeah she didn't get baptized.  It was the hardest day ever.  She had her interview to see if she was prepared on Friday and we show up and the district leaders are there already and there is the deep sinking feeling in the room with them, Rosani and her mom.  We were just like what is happening?  And it turned out her mom was preventing her from being baptized, and it was so weird because she is 18 years old and she can make her own decisions and so we were just like what in the world, and with the 4 of us the spirit was so strong, and we could see her heart softening at some points and then like 2 seconds later it would just flip and be complete hate from her.  We were like, right now Rosani is making big changes in her life for the better and she needs support and her mom is like yeah I know totally and I want to support her in everything she does because I know that this is really good for her and then we were like Rosani do you want to be baptized, and she was like yes, and we were like okay what day, and she was like the 17th of May and her mom started yelling like no you can’t be baptized.  We were just like what in the world.  So we left them with a prayer and time to think over a date and then on Sunday we taught Rosani about Agency.

But yeah, Ide and Daiana are set for this week. They need 3 assistants to be able to be baptized and they didn't show up at first on Sunday.  So we had a member go and pick them up for us and now they are being baptized on Friday, (The birthday of Hna. Witt) and it is going to be great.

You asked about the people here and family history.  Let me tell you a little something about the church here.  It is brand new right?  Only a few years has it been a full on developed land of the church.  But they don’t want to be brand new.  They want to focus on things like missionary work and family history, and they all focus on that, when really they should be focusing on the basic doctrines of the church. They don’t understand the importance of the Priesthood yet and they want to have everyone doing 300 indexing names a month.  It’s frustrating sometimes because the other day we found a man who has been a member for 5 years and doesn't have the Priesthood because he didn't understand the Atonement, and I’m just like people please, the doctrine of Christ is more important than family history.

You also asked if families lived to close.  Let me tell you a little story.  We went out with a return missionary. Okay not really out. We stood on the corner outside his house and he would stop people and introduce them to us like oh, this is my uncle they live right there, when can these sisters visit you, and we were there for like 15 minutes and got like 10 contacts.  It was crazy.

Anyway, next week will be cooler,
I am sending some photos of Cuazimoto and the Parade for the anniversary of Chilca,
Love you.