Monday, October 6, 2014

The Other Longest Week

Week Thirty-six!

This week was also hard.  This work is something hard to do alone and these two weeks have been an experience for me to grow a lot more.  I have gained a lot of respect for the rule to never be alone.  Sometimes it is hard to be around a person for 24/7 but they become your rock and it is a great blessing to learn to deal with different people.  I have a lot more love for the leaders I have been given in the mission every single one has been put in their position for me in this time and I know that having them as my leaders is the representation of God’s love for me.

And this week I was thinking a lot about loneliness because I was reading a lot from my setting a part blessing and it says that there while be times when I feel alone.  I was thinking before like maybe when I have a companion that I don’t get along with perfectly, or my first Latina companion is when that will come.  But I have had those both and it wasn't until I was physically alone that that feeling came.  But I pushed through and the companion of Hermana Salinas is ending her mission and she has been called back to be with me for these last days just until the real cambio but I am so grateful.

Other than that not a lot happened this week. Yes it was voting, so Conference was still postponed, thank you for the spoilers.  We will be watching conference this next weekend that is coming I don’t know yet if I will have it in English or not but I’m not too worried about it.

We will know who my permanent companion is tomorrow, I’m a little nervous because everyone has told me I’m going to train, which I’m okay with I guess, I really just want a companion.

(The Scriptures that have become my favorites in these last 8 Months)

D&C 58:2-4 
D&C 39:7-9
D&C 112:10
D&C 122:7
D&C 60:13
D&C 39:13-17 (We all know it actually says Peru)

Hermana Peters


There is a lady here and she can literally knit anything into a hat she makes animal hats she made a Shrek hat.  Naturto, she is the best knitter in the world.

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