Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A new week in Mantaro

Week Thirty-two!

This week has been pretty good.  We are working with a lot of new people this week and they are all really good.  But I have been thinking about my time here in Mantaro and really there are a few people that stand out.

First is Omar 1:
Because there are two and I think I have said a thing here or there about him.  He is an attorney his wife is a less active return missionary and they’re about 30 but he also studies a lot about science and philosophy and he has some belief in a God like being, but also has a lot of questions.  It is so fun to teach him because I get to share the way I think of things.  Like I’m not just sharing my testimony I get to share my process in gaining a testimony.  Like he was talking about the Big Bang theory and because of the Big Bang Theory he thinks that God is more of an energy and Hna Salinas is like wut!  I’m just like, okay, let’s think about it because in the church we believe in this energy it’s the priesthood but something or someone needs to control it because you can’t just have baking soda and vinegar sitting on a table and expect them to mix and when we have someone controlling it, That is God and when He is ready (snap) bang.  It is so much fun and he accepted to get baptized this October

The other is Omar 2:
Yep.  He is a 19 year old kid and he says that he is a hipster and it is so funny but he is just so ready to listen to the gospel and is so open to new Ideas, he’s pretty cool.

And last but not least is Maricio:
He is a little old man.  One day this week we contacted him and he was like yeah I love learning about religions, come by and we can talk, and were like, yeah okay.  We went in planning on talking about the restoration, but he was doing all the teaching.  Like he was talking about how it’s hard that we are away from home but that it is a great learning experience and he told me that I have a strong personality I don’t show it but from the inside it’s a strong one and just gave us a lot of grandpa advice and let us tie it into the gospel and it was so cool and he is a great guy.

That’s really all I have today.
Love you

hermana peters

Hermana Salinas

Roy heard we were coming over...so he made bread

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