Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas and the Atonement

Last week the LDS church released the Christmas video for this year, and it was the perfect fit because this week I read Alma chapter 7.

Verses 9-11 help shed a little more light on the importance of the need for the Savior to be born when it says "But behold, the Spirit hath said this much unto me, saying: Cry unto this people, saying—Repent ye, and prepare the way of the Lord, and walk in his paths, which are straight; for behold, the kingdom of heaven is at hand, and the Son of God cometh upon the face of the earth. And behold, he shall be born of Mary, at Jerusalem which is the land of our forefathers, she being a virgin, a precious and chosen vessel, who shall be overshadowed and conceive by the power of the Holy Ghost, and bring forth a son, yea, even the Son of God. And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people. And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities."

We know that the Savior came to this world to save us from sin but something that is under emphasized is that He came here to help us in ALL of our trails.

Some people believe that they dont need the atonement because they have never really commited a big sin, but truly it is because of the atonement that we can recieve comfort in our hard times.

He can help us through the times of depression or anxiety or trial. and that is why we need a Savior.

So let us take this Christmas season to remember that. Even though we may get stressed out in the stores or we feel alone on the holidays, we can remember that He is there and we can talk to Our Father in Heaven to get the comfort we seek.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

King Benjamin's Speech

This week I the great opportunity to read about King Benjamin and his people. There is one verse I feel always sticks out in this part, and it is one that we reference frequently. and it is found in the second chapter, the seventieth verse it says:

"And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."

I spent all morning looking for a mormon message to go with this, and honestly I didnt feel like any of them fit with what I was thinking about this week.

So I'm going to share what happened this week.

It was probably still the most normal day, I had just finished my normal study block in the library that I do almost every morning and was about to head to my class. I was walking behind and older gentleman who I assumed was a professor here on campus.

While I was walking behind him to exit the building he stops and see the security lady and says "wow! your hair is beautiful! its like a waterfall cascading down your head!"

For a moment I stared. Her hair was in fact very beautiful. But the fact that he took the time to stop and make eye contact and genuinely compliment her with such enthusiasm is what really stopped me.

Seeing him act that way made me want to do the same,

its like those cheesy commercials where the act of kindness goes around in a circle are more than just cheesy commercials. Its a real thing. I spent the rest of the day trying to make someone smile as big as this man did for this young lady.

I know that when we make another child of God feel that way, just feel awesome, that we are truly serving God. Making Him not only proud of us but also glad that someone helped His child.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Unwavering In Every Moment

This week I have had a lot of interesting conversations about how we need to be unwavering in our faith and that our faith will lead us to make better decisions. I have been reading in the end of 2nd Nephi this week where it has a lot of prophesy about our day. And a few verses really stood out to me in the 28th chapter- where it says,

"Yea, and there shall be many which shall say: Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die; and it shall be well with us. And there shall also be many which shall say: Eat, drink, and be merry; nevertheless, fear God—he will justify in committing a little sin; yea, lie a little, take the advantage of one because of his words, dig a pit for thy neighbor; there is no harm in this; and do all these things, for tomorrow we die; and if it so be that we are guilty, God will beat us with a few stripes, and at last we shall be saved in the kingdom of God. Yea, and there shall be many which shall teach after this manner, false and vain and foolish doctrines, and shall be puffed up in their hearts, and shall seek deep to hide their counsels from the Lord; and their works shall be in the dark."

Now to break that down a little better, it says that there will be people in this like who will tell us that we can do whatever we want and we wont be punished for that.

But I can tell you, that just as if we break a law of our country, we will be punished,
also if we break a commandment of God we will also receive a punishment.

To further illustrate this point here is a Mormon Message that was shared in the last general conference of the church.

Just as this couple made an incorrect decision and had drifted away from safety is how we are if we commit sin following these teachings of men.

Just as this father thought he was stronger than the current and could make it to the sand bar, are we puffed up in pride when we disobey commandments of God.

Just as the video warns we need to make wise decisions, especially when it comes to following the promptings of the Holy Ghost to help us better understand the reasons why things happen.

Friday, October 23, 2015

"Wo unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

This is a verse that describes something very prevalent in our times. Where the commandments of God are tossed aside and we are living in a world were people are calling darkness light and light darkness. 

I see this from just the 10 commandments that every Christian believes in.

The Apostle L. Tom Perry spoke of this in This video:

In the video he says "In my judgment, four of the Ten Commandments are taken as seriously today as ever. As a culture, we disdain and condemn murder, stealing, and lying, and we still believe in the responsibility of children to their parents. 
But as a larger society, we routinely dismiss the other six commandments:
If worldly priorities are any indication, we certainly have "other gods" we put before the true God. We make idols of celebrities, of lifestyle, of wealth, and yes, sometimes even graven images or objects. 
We use the name of God in all kinds of profane ways, including our exclamations and our swearing.
We use the Sabbath day for our biggest games, our most serious recreation, our heaviest shopping, and virtually everything else but worship. 
We treat sexual relations outside marriage as a recreation, an entertainment. And coveting has become a far too common way of life." (Elder L. Tom Perry, "Obedience to Law is Liberty", April 2013, emphasis added)

I don't think anyone can deny the truths spoken of by this Apostle of the Lord, because these are things that we see in our everyday lives. In the media and television we see in almost every moment people who are trying to make evil things look desirable or even like it is something okay, or good.

It is necessary that we must be able to differentiate between the two.

For if we do our life will be sweet, as compared in the scripture.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Don't Shove Your Politics Down My Throat.

We live in a very opinionated world. With many differing opinions, Especially about politics.

As I scroll through my Facebook, or Twitter, or even my Instagram I see endless political agendas, coming from all side of the spectrum. Republicans, Democrats, The Tea Party, The Green Party. All telling me what to think, what to do, what to say or who to vote for.

Right now all I have to say is Don't shove your politics down my throat.

now where does that phrase come from?

Let us take a quick look at the importance of it for me. I am a Christian, more specifically a Mormon. Now did something like that phrase above just pop into your head? Its one I get all the time, people tell me quite frequently to not shove my religion down their throats.

But digging even deeper why do I hear that phrase?

It seems that in our world today the mention of religion is offensive. If I mention my religion or even the name of Jesus Christ in a reverent manner people tell me to stop.

but why?

I am not telling them to do anything, I am not trying to change what they think, or do, or say, or who to believe in. I'm barely even stating something that I believe, most things I mention about Jesus Christ are not just Mormon subliminal images but things that uplift all people who believe in Christ, to feel better, and occasionally helping those who do not share that believe. Thats helping almost 2 billion people in the world at a time (2.2 billion Christians (32 percent of the world’s population).)

Now how is that any worse than politics?

As mentioned I see a LOT of political posts. Probably averaging about 5-15 a day, depending on how much time I spend online.

And I will admit sometimes I linger into these links or posts and read others opinions. Normally written to tear down others believes or change their view on something.

How is that good for anyone?

I know I am not the only one who after reading something political can feel upset, angry, sometimes even just disgusted by what was said. Sometimes even if I agree with the party or candidate.

I am not trying to offend anyone with this, but maybe we should feel just a propelled to keep our political opinions to ourselves as we are our religious ones.

or if you are fine trying to share your political beliefs maybe we should be fine with others sharing something about their religious ones.

I normally do not speak of politics for this reason. Not because I do not care, not because I'm not interested but because I want everyone to be able to feel good about themselves, their opinions and their believes. And I hope everyone can begin to do the same.

We dont want to live in a world of hate and offence do we?

I love you all,
Kirstin Peters

Saturday, October 10, 2015

1 Nephi 21: 13-16

"Sing, O heavens; and be joyful, O earth; for the feet of those who are in the east shall be established; and break forth into singing, O mountains; for they shall be smitten no more; for the Lord hath comforted his people, and will have mercy upon his afflicted. But, behold, Zion hath said: The Lord hath forsaken me, and my Lord hath forgotten me—but he will show that he hath not. For can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee, O house of Israel. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me."
Now, all of us have had trail in our lives, and this is a great blessing that the Lord gives us so that we might always have Him on our side.
That He will never forget us.
When we speak of this we always speak of the poem of the man who looks back on his life as footsteps in the sand- in short. He sees sometimes there are two sets of foot prints, his and the Lords along side them.
but it the hardest times of his life there was only one set, and he turns to the Lord and asks "Lord why in my greatest times of need you abandoned me?" and the Lord simple responds "I did not abandon you, I carried you"
And isn't that fantastic?
even when we don't think about it, don't recognize Him in our lives, He is still there. But my favorite part of the verse is when He says "I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands".
The Lord suffered and died for us, but it was because of His love for us. His undying charity, or the pure love of Christ. 
Thats something I have been focusing on the last few weeks, is the Charity that the Lord has for each and every one of us. And even though He knows all of our sins, even though men are those who killed Him. He still has this undying love for each and everyone of us. To carry us through our hardest times.
But only if we ask for His help.
This is something I have though about this week also. How many when faced with trails. Tend to turn away from the Lord. Whether because the think that they have offended Him in some way, or because they become angry because of their suffering. But If we turn to the Lord, He will bless us in ways we have never imagined.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mi Misión No Era Mis Mejores Dos Años

Esta historia es traducida del Blog de Benjamin Carraway, se llama "The Way of Carraway". Puedes encontrar la original en ingles acá
Gracias a Al Fox Carraway por el permiso de traducir esta historia para que todos pueden leerlo.

Salí para mi misión el 23 de febrero de 2011 y fui a servir en Filadelfia, Pensilvania, EEUU. Nunca voy a olvidar mis primeros días de mi misión y en especial un consejo de mi Presidente de Misión dio a los nuevos misioneros. Mientras que estábamos sentados en una aula en la capilla, él nos miró en los ojos y dijo “No me gusta la frase ‘los mejores dos años’”. Cuando él nos dijo esto estaba confundido porque era la frase escuchamos cuando crecemos miembros de la iglesia. Cuando son niños, las personas les dicen esto siempre, “Y cuando siervas en una misión, vas a pasar los mejores dos años de tu vida!” Aún hay una película SUD se llama “Los Mejores Dos Años” que creo muchos, si no todos, de ustedes han visto antes.
Pero, lo que él me dijo entro a mi corazón, y lo medite en ello desde el primer día de mi misión, y pensé en ello cada día! Regrese a mi casa hace casi dos años. Y mucho ya paso en mi vida después de mi mision. Y ahora puedo decir que mi Presidente tenía razón. Mi misión no era los mejores dos años de mi vida, y así debe ser. Mi misión siempre va a ser algo especial en mi vida y cuando paso más tiempo en mi casa, mas pienso en mi misión y todo lo que aprendí, sentí y experimente. Extraño las personas de Cabo Jay, Nueva Jersey, Valle Forge, Pensilvania, New Castle, Delaware, Honesdale, Pensilvania, y Allentown, Pensilvania. Todas estas personas me bendijeron y me ayudaron a cambiar me en el hombre quien es soy hoy día.

Ruego, Todos quienes sirvieron en una misión, no deja que sea los mejores dos años de tu vida, pero que sea el fundamento de lo que puede pasar en nuestros vidas.

Mi Presidente dijo mas. Él dijo “Una misión no es, y no debe ser los mejores dos años de tu vida. Pero, son los mejores dos años que puede hacer por tu vida.” Me encanta esto! Mas él dijo “Cuando vayas a tu casa, vas a casarte y tener más experiencias sagradas que tu misión puede dar.” El explico cuanto él amaba su misión, pero estar casado a su esposa y sus llamamientos pasados eran parte de los mejores años de su vida.

Mi misión es algo especial en mi vida, y me ayudo a cambiar me hasta la persona quien es soy hoy, como persona, como esposo, y como padre. Pero, en todas las cosas que me pasaron, mi misión era un fundamento para construir cosas mejores que podía imaginar!

En mi tiempo después de la misión tuve muchas experiencias sagradas, por esto yo sé que lo dijo mi Presidente era verdadero. Conocí mi esposa mi primera semana en casa. Ella estaba viajando y hablando casi cada día cuando estábamos saliendo antes de nuestro casamiento. Fui con ella por todos lados, y vi mi esposa ayudar las vidas de miles de personas por todo el país. Y conocimos autoridades generales, líderes y apóstoles, y todo esto tiene un impacto en mi vida.
En agosto de 2013, case y sello en La Casa del Señor, y en junio de 2014 nació nuestra primera hija, Gracie Lena. Cada día, en el tiempo después de mi misión yo he experimentado y he visto más de las bendiciones de Dios. Vida después de la misión es mejor y los experiencias sagradas son más profundas.

No deja que tu misión sea la experiencia mayor de tu vida espiritual! Hay más para venir si te permites. Cada día es nuevo, y no le espera para nadie. No deja que pasa las oportunidades para hacerlo mejor y ser mejor y recibir y experimentar más. Una misión no debe ser los mejores dos años de tu vida, para nada! Debe ser los mejores dos años por tu vida. Con Dios, cosas maravillosas nos espera. Sigue Adelante, Sigue creciendo, Sigue aprendiendo, Sigue fortaleciendo, y Sirviendo. Porque en verdad, los últimos dos años desde regrese eran más sagrados e inspiradores, llena de bendiciones y oportunidades que nunca podía recibir sin Dios ni mi proprio esfuerzo.