Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cambios de Emergencia

Week Thirty-four!

This week there is some bad notices, last night we received a phone call from the Assistant to the President and Hna Salinas has received the sad end of an emergency cambio, so, she is leaving tonight to Conception and I get to stay in Huancayo for another cambio to show my new companion the ropes.  I still don’t know what will happen with me, I might be with El Tambo the next 2 weeks, or I might get a new companion for these two weeks the thing is they never really tell you what’s happening.

But that is just today.
This week has been really good.  We met with lots of less actives who we didn’t even know existed and some of them really just needed to hear that we needed them back.

Like right now we are working with Hno Carlos and his wife.  The first day we stopped by he said no I’m not interested, I have work come back later, so we went back 2 days later.  He had broken his hand and he was like I know the church is true because after you left I broke my hand.  Then he went to church this Sunday and it was really awesome.

Omar 2 is doing really good, and He wanted to be baptized this last Saturday but we only taught a few lessons so we put his baptism for this next Saturday we will see how that goes.

This week was ward conference, and every night in the church there was an activity.  It was something beautiful because everyone was there and worked together to make it work and it was really good.

There is no snow, it cooled down to like 50 degrees and started to rain.

Hermana Weixler, Hermana Collanque, Elder John, Elder Cook, Hermana Salinas and me.


What was the place, in the photos, called? ñauinpucio
When you are looking across the valley is that looking back at Huancayo? Well kind-of, Huancayo was further out but in that direction, the part in the pictures were just peoples fields
What were the ruins? I have no idea, probably someones house
Who were the other missionaries? my district, Hermana Weixler, Hermana Collanque, Elder John, Elder Cook, and me and Hermana Salinas

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