Sunday, September 7, 2014

End of the Line, (The going home and the new Beginning)

Week Thirty!

Well this week was probably one of the most difficult of the mission but it was so ridiculously rewarding.  This week Hna Polatis went to Lima with Hna Fernandez from Mexico to do some paper work to enter back in the US and Mexico, so yeah.

I was with Hna Sidan from Argentina who came to Huancayo with me and we had so much fun running around both of our areas trying to work and it was so great and we talked about Lord of the Rings for like 12 hours and then about dragons for another 2.  And it was really interesting because we were talking about the language and how when I got to Huancayo the only thing I knew how to say was (voy a morir) because she taught me on the bus ride here and we laughed and it was fun.  She’s really awesome and I love her.

Today I’m going to be really honest with you, Mantaro is a really hard area, and it makes me glad that I’m not in the states because it would be like this all the time.  The people have a lot of pride and it is really hard to work with them.  Our biggest problem is working with the ward because they say they will do visits and help our converts but really they forget during the week and it has been a big struggle for me because I watched 3 people that Hna Polatis baptized go inactive and 2 of them started drinking again after months of being sober.  It made me really mad.  I was talking to Hna Sidan about it and she was having a lot of problems with it also.  So we calmed down a lot and got rid of all of our own pride and anger and started to plan and we planned a lot of how we can help the ward how we can strengthen and support the members in their callings and how we can help them help our new coverts.  We made a 6 week training plan of 5 minute segments that we can share in counsel and we are going to put them into action this next week and we feel that with lots of prayers and lots of pestering of the members we can really help them see that also they are part of this marvelous work of Salvation.  This week being with Hna Sidan we really just built up each other’s animos (confidence) (I forgot the word in english) to build up the church in these areas.

I really don’t mean that to make Hna Polatis sound bad she is a strong hardworking missionary but this cambio you can really see no matter how diligent and hard working the missionary they are tired at the end Hna Polatis worked hard up until the last minute and was an awesome missionary.

I don’t know how much an effect I can have this plan be because today when I entered into my missionary account it said that my area didn’t exist in the eyes of the church and one of the Hermana Leaders said that they are closing a lot of the Hermana Areas and so we will see what happens with that on Wednesday.  If that happens I plan on giving my 6 week plan to the Elders because I really feel that it can help the ward and area a lot.

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