Monday, July 28, 2014

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Week Twenty-Six!

This week was a long one, not because of anything that happened, and not because of anyone else, but because of my own pride.

I was pretty upset that I was taken out of Chilca right before my birthday and I let that bug me even though I knew there would be changes my whole mission but I still let it bug me a lot to the point where I wouldn't let anyone in or I would pretend to let them in but really I didn't get to know anyone.

On Friday I got a reality check and it really opened my eyes to how ridiculous I was being and since then I have really been able to improve which is always good.  That is one thing I really learned this week, yeah, we know how much we have improved and gotten better and met our goals.  But there is always more we need to do.

Yeah, I can understand and read Spanish, but I still fault a lot of the speaking, yeah, I can look people in the eye and actually talk to new people but I still need to learn how to be more personable.  There is always room to improve and that is something I learned a lot this week.  Being in a new area I don’t know anyone and they don’t know me.  They just see where I am at and not where I have come from.  So that is what I really learned this week. 

The people here are pretty good.  We baptized, on Saturday, a 70 year old man named Lorenzo.  He grew up in the jungle and was an alcoholic, because he said the elevation bugged him.  He quit drinking and became ready for baptism.  It was a really remarkable story and the ward here has been so good to him to the point where one member bought him a brand new beautiful new cane to replace the walking stick he was using.  It really is a beautiful thing.

Love you,
Hermana Peters

Look my mission!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Week Twenty-Five!

Well cambio's were this week and I was changed, which was actually a big shock because Presidente told Hna. Witt that she was leaving Chilca which meant I would stay but Hna Witt stayed and I left, which was really hard.

Mantaro is about 20 minutes from Chilca but a lot different there is a lot more wealth here and it is really uncomfortable obvious, and it’s really hard to teach a lesson when there is a bigger TV than the one you have back in the US staring back at you.

Oh yeah, and I’m companions with Hna. Polatis, she’s white, she’s from Blackfoot ID, she goes back to her house in 6 weeks, and she is a Hermana Leader.  It is nothing like what I expect.  It is really hard especially right before my Birthday, because now no one knows when my birthday is so it will just be another forgotten one to go down in the books.

Things work a lot different here and some things are better and some things are not.  Because it is a richer area there is a lot more Hermana's, which will also be something new for me.  I just feel like I’ll be growing a lot this next cambio.

Love Hna. Peters
Chilca District

Chilca District
 There are a lot of people who are 6’ 4” and blonde, like 90 percent of our mission is from Utah and if he hasn't served in the city I don’t know him and it’s called La Jolla.

I didn't have the visa problem because all my work was done in the CCM.  I’m legal.

I don’t really have a lot of dreams out here, but I noticed that when I think of memories from back home or like things people said, sometimes it’s in Spanish or Spanglish and I’m just like wut.

The church was out of water but the neighbor let us
use his hose. 

Look it’s a Haunted House, oh wait…it’s a church.

Monday, July 14, 2014

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Week Twenty-Four!

Well this week was good.  Since it was such short notice on the Lima thing I just spent the 3 days with Hna Ugaz and Hna Gonsalez (from Australia).  It was pretty fun but it was really hard having our Area closed for a few days.  But Hna Gonsalez is really cool, she’s basically the Australian Avery so we got along pretty well and we both think that we are staying in our District this next cambio (tomorrow) so we should be hanging out a bit more.

We had interviews with President this week and they went well I don’t know what else to say but he did say no one stays in one area their WHOLE mission which makes me feel like there is a lot more work for me here in Chilca.  While to Hna Witt he said I’ll get you out of Chilca as soon as possible and I think it’s best for her, she’s not the type of person to stay in an area for a long time.

Yeah but once we got back we had a whole day of like district meetings, then interviews with president, then it was Sunday, so it was a really short week and we didn’t get much done.

Teoblado wasn’t baptized this week because of this, and then we set a date for this next week and he’s like whatever.  Then on Sunday his wife came up to us all sad and explained that he didn’t want to listen to us if we didn’t have a male member of the ward with us and that he didn’t want to be baptized this week.  So that was pretty upsetting but some people just need a little more work.

One person that doesn’t need work is Paul I don’t know if I told you about Paul but he’s a cool kid.  He accepted a baptismal date for the 2nd of August.  We know he will be ready by then and we talked to him about the day of rest and he was all distressed like my whole family works on Sunday.  We were just like awe let’s just work on you first then we can help you with your family but he is one of those people who is just so ready for the gospel.  He has a few Word of Wisdom issues so that is why his baptismal date is a little further out but he is so ready.

Love Hermana Peters

No I’m not fluent in Spanish, but I can live, because people are patient enough to figure it out and it’s like the Spirit does the talking anyway so just keep studying and working and it will come.

Oh yeah I forgot to answer when you asked about our new district leader, his name is Elder Moore, he’s pretty cool.  We struggled with him a little bit but we realized it was because we kept comparing him to Elder Tellez, and we were kind of being brats but he’s a really good kid and knows a lot of the gospel and has taught us a lot since he came in.  Sometimes you just need to humble yourself before something works

And Hna Gonsalez says she wants more of the brownie cookies that came in the dear elder package, because they were yummy and the birthday hat and noise makers came in handy because it was Andre (our pentions sons) birthday and I think they enjoyed them.

Hey I have a question really quick, when Sydney was sealed to our family were you in the full temple outfit or just the dress, because we were talking about it and we were wondering.  Because we were talking and when Hna Witts mom was sealed to her family she only remembers everyone in all white and I only remember white from when we were sealed to Sydney so we think it’s like some sort of like spiritual block so that we don’t remember the ceremonial clothes.

Monday, July 7, 2014

"I was solo, eating rolos"

Week Twenty-Three!

Yes I got my packages, the Easter ones with pictures of Will and Jon and the Dear Elder one, so don’t worry all is well.

This week I am writing early because our zone leaders called this morning and said Hrna Witt is headed back to Lima to finish her visa we are pretty sure it is only 3 days this time but it’s still upsetting because cambios are in a week.  And because they literally told us like an hour ago and we don’t have anyone to be my companion so I’m living with the sisters of penaloza for the next few days which is also stressful.

The timing is bad because Teobaldo, the spouse of Hna Haydee is getting baptized on Saturday and he doesn’t have all the lessons that he needs to be baptized so our plan was to meet with him every day this week but I don’t know how that is going to happen if Chilca is closed for 3 days.  He’s a really good guy but we need to baptize him before he goes back to work because he won’t have missionaries in the mines of Cero de Pasco.  He goes to church every Sunday her entire family is just so ready for the gospel.

This last week we also met Paul.  Paul is a good kid.  It all started with us knocking on his door.  We had a cita with him the next day.  We went and talked about the restoration and he seemed a little suspicious and was like is this the same bible I have and were like yeah look, James 1:5, and were like the way to get over your doubts are to ask God if Joseph Smith was a prophet.

We went back a few days later when he told us he would be home, and he wasn’t there and the next couple days we looked for him and then we found him again and he bought us juice and was like, I feel bad I missed the cita.  We were like no problem.  Did you pray?  He’s like yeah but probably not the way I should have so we talked about prayer and the Holy Ghost and he’s like okay.  We were like when can we meet again and he’s like tomorrow in the park and were like cool that like never happens.  So we took Percy (a member) with us and met Paul in the park and then went to Hermana Filomenas house and taught the Book of Mormon, which was a little scary because of the whole Bible thing but we did it and he’s like I found one of these in my parents things and were like what that’s cool.  He was accepting of it and it was cool and we were like when can we meet again and he was like, tomorrow and everyday it was like that.  We had a cita with him every day that week, which never ever happens, and it was so cool and he’s a really good kid.

That’s really all,

Hermana Peters

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Huancayo Stake Conference

Week Twenty-Two!

Well this week was good.  Not a whole lot happened.  My parents forgot to write me and President thought it was my birthday.  I’m hoping that that means I have a package in the office but I won’t know until tomorrow.

This week was stake conference here.  I think that is like my third one this year?  It was pretty good, we had Elder Torres from the 70 (I don’t know which quorum) and he spoke to us.  He is a man of words good words but lots of them.  I was able to learn a lot from him and it was good for our investigators too
I think they heard what they needed too.

The dad of the Elders Pentionista passed away this week we decided to go and support her even though we don’t know her that well and it was an interesting service.  Because her family was Catholic they wanted a Catholic ceremony, even though he was a member, so that was interesting and it was interesting to see the difference between her sadness and her siblings.  Like hers was a temporary sadness if that makes sense and she was crying but not hard.  Her family was sad like it was the end and that was the saddest part.

There are just some things that have happened and it really makes me realize how blessed we are to have this gospel.  We have been teaching a man named Alvino and he is 76 years old and every time we come over he’s like there is always a joy when you guys come.  This week we found out that the Jehovah Witnesses have been visiting him too and were like what are you doing and he’s like yeah I’m just confused about what he talks about but you guys just make me so joyful and were just like Holy Ghost is awesome.

That is really all that happened this week.

What we do on p days.

We went to the museum of terrorism of Peru.

It technically wasn't open yet but they let us in because we said pretty please so when it is famous I can be like I was the first one in there.