Monday, August 18, 2014

Winter is Coming

Week Twenty-Nine!

Well things are going pretty well, but also pretty slow.

I would like to talk a little about what people told me before my mission because some things are true and others are partly true.

I would like to start with Tom Shorten because he told me a lot of things.  First he told me I have to try the Inca cola and street bread.  For the past 6 months that’s like the only things I have been eating, and I’m like why would Tom tell this to me and I didn’t appreciate it until I actually got to eat sliced bread again and it was gross.  So I went back to the street bread.  On the Inca cola comment, it was weird at first but now I’m pretty use to it, it’s pretty okay.  Tom said some other things but I don’t remember so I’m going to move on.  LOL

People told me that Peruvian Spanish is the most clear and you can tell that this is true in pronunciation, but they slur together the words and sometimes forget to finish their sentence or just go off into quetchua and call us supipa wawajs when we don’t understand.  But one thing I really enjoy is in the city of Huancayo they end almost everything with pey, it’s like the Canadian, eh, but in Spanish, so that is fun.

The last one is that people told me the people of Peru are so humble, and this might be true, once you get out of the city, but in the city the people have some pride, and it can be difficult sometimes when they are like welcome to my humble home and I’m sitting there like I don’t even think TVs come this big in the United States.  They are more humble than Americans, but pride still exists everywhere.

Winter is coming because the raining season is slowly, slowly creeping in and also Hna Polatis is about to die (in the mission) she literally has a week left.

That’s mostly it.  But I want to talk about Lorenzo now, he’s a cool kid.  He is 72 years old and was our second baptism in Mantaro.  He’s a cool kid he gave up drinking and his bible bashing and became a member of the church.  His eyes are pretty bad so we go and read the Book of Mormon to him and he is always like whoa and it says this in the bible it’s like the same.  I’m just like you could make foot notes you are so smart.  But he’s cool, and I like him, so we read to him

That’s all really

Love you 

P.S. I got the artsy Portland postcard that looks really cool from dad on Saturday, is there more you made it sound like there is.  Hna Polatis really likes the postcard, she’s an art major, and it’s pretty cool.  I can like name the buildings and bridges and she’s like you’re a weirdy.  LOL.

The dear elder package got to me the day before my birthday and saved my life.  You have no idea how much I missed peanut butter.


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