Monday, July 28, 2014

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Week Twenty-Six!

This week was a long one, not because of anything that happened, and not because of anyone else, but because of my own pride.

I was pretty upset that I was taken out of Chilca right before my birthday and I let that bug me even though I knew there would be changes my whole mission but I still let it bug me a lot to the point where I wouldn't let anyone in or I would pretend to let them in but really I didn't get to know anyone.

On Friday I got a reality check and it really opened my eyes to how ridiculous I was being and since then I have really been able to improve which is always good.  That is one thing I really learned this week, yeah, we know how much we have improved and gotten better and met our goals.  But there is always more we need to do.

Yeah, I can understand and read Spanish, but I still fault a lot of the speaking, yeah, I can look people in the eye and actually talk to new people but I still need to learn how to be more personable.  There is always room to improve and that is something I learned a lot this week.  Being in a new area I don’t know anyone and they don’t know me.  They just see where I am at and not where I have come from.  So that is what I really learned this week. 

The people here are pretty good.  We baptized, on Saturday, a 70 year old man named Lorenzo.  He grew up in the jungle and was an alcoholic, because he said the elevation bugged him.  He quit drinking and became ready for baptism.  It was a really remarkable story and the ward here has been so good to him to the point where one member bought him a brand new beautiful new cane to replace the walking stick he was using.  It really is a beautiful thing.

Love you,
Hermana Peters

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