Saturday, July 26, 2014


Week Twenty-Five!

Well cambio's were this week and I was changed, which was actually a big shock because Presidente told Hna. Witt that she was leaving Chilca which meant I would stay but Hna Witt stayed and I left, which was really hard.

Mantaro is about 20 minutes from Chilca but a lot different there is a lot more wealth here and it is really uncomfortable obvious, and it’s really hard to teach a lesson when there is a bigger TV than the one you have back in the US staring back at you.

Oh yeah, and I’m companions with Hna. Polatis, she’s white, she’s from Blackfoot ID, she goes back to her house in 6 weeks, and she is a Hermana Leader.  It is nothing like what I expect.  It is really hard especially right before my Birthday, because now no one knows when my birthday is so it will just be another forgotten one to go down in the books.

Things work a lot different here and some things are better and some things are not.  Because it is a richer area there is a lot more Hermana's, which will also be something new for me.  I just feel like I’ll be growing a lot this next cambio.

Love Hna. Peters
Chilca District

Chilca District
 There are a lot of people who are 6’ 4” and blonde, like 90 percent of our mission is from Utah and if he hasn't served in the city I don’t know him and it’s called La Jolla.

I didn't have the visa problem because all my work was done in the CCM.  I’m legal.

I don’t really have a lot of dreams out here, but I noticed that when I think of memories from back home or like things people said, sometimes it’s in Spanish or Spanglish and I’m just like wut.

The church was out of water but the neighbor let us
use his hose. 

Look it’s a Haunted House, oh wait…it’s a church.

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