Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Huancayo Stake Conference

Week Twenty-Two!

Well this week was good.  Not a whole lot happened.  My parents forgot to write me and President thought it was my birthday.  I’m hoping that that means I have a package in the office but I won’t know until tomorrow.

This week was stake conference here.  I think that is like my third one this year?  It was pretty good, we had Elder Torres from the 70 (I don’t know which quorum) and he spoke to us.  He is a man of words good words but lots of them.  I was able to learn a lot from him and it was good for our investigators too
I think they heard what they needed too.

The dad of the Elders Pentionista passed away this week we decided to go and support her even though we don’t know her that well and it was an interesting service.  Because her family was Catholic they wanted a Catholic ceremony, even though he was a member, so that was interesting and it was interesting to see the difference between her sadness and her siblings.  Like hers was a temporary sadness if that makes sense and she was crying but not hard.  Her family was sad like it was the end and that was the saddest part.

There are just some things that have happened and it really makes me realize how blessed we are to have this gospel.  We have been teaching a man named Alvino and he is 76 years old and every time we come over he’s like there is always a joy when you guys come.  This week we found out that the Jehovah Witnesses have been visiting him too and were like what are you doing and he’s like yeah I’m just confused about what he talks about but you guys just make me so joyful and were just like Holy Ghost is awesome.

That is really all that happened this week.

What we do on p days.

We went to the museum of terrorism of Peru.

It technically wasn't open yet but they let us in because we said pretty please so when it is famous I can be like I was the first one in there.

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