Monday, July 14, 2014

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Week Twenty-Four!

Well this week was good.  Since it was such short notice on the Lima thing I just spent the 3 days with Hna Ugaz and Hna Gonsalez (from Australia).  It was pretty fun but it was really hard having our Area closed for a few days.  But Hna Gonsalez is really cool, she’s basically the Australian Avery so we got along pretty well and we both think that we are staying in our District this next cambio (tomorrow) so we should be hanging out a bit more.

We had interviews with President this week and they went well I don’t know what else to say but he did say no one stays in one area their WHOLE mission which makes me feel like there is a lot more work for me here in Chilca.  While to Hna Witt he said I’ll get you out of Chilca as soon as possible and I think it’s best for her, she’s not the type of person to stay in an area for a long time.

Yeah but once we got back we had a whole day of like district meetings, then interviews with president, then it was Sunday, so it was a really short week and we didn’t get much done.

Teoblado wasn’t baptized this week because of this, and then we set a date for this next week and he’s like whatever.  Then on Sunday his wife came up to us all sad and explained that he didn’t want to listen to us if we didn’t have a male member of the ward with us and that he didn’t want to be baptized this week.  So that was pretty upsetting but some people just need a little more work.

One person that doesn’t need work is Paul I don’t know if I told you about Paul but he’s a cool kid.  He accepted a baptismal date for the 2nd of August.  We know he will be ready by then and we talked to him about the day of rest and he was all distressed like my whole family works on Sunday.  We were just like awe let’s just work on you first then we can help you with your family but he is one of those people who is just so ready for the gospel.  He has a few Word of Wisdom issues so that is why his baptismal date is a little further out but he is so ready.

Love Hermana Peters

No I’m not fluent in Spanish, but I can live, because people are patient enough to figure it out and it’s like the Spirit does the talking anyway so just keep studying and working and it will come.

Oh yeah I forgot to answer when you asked about our new district leader, his name is Elder Moore, he’s pretty cool.  We struggled with him a little bit but we realized it was because we kept comparing him to Elder Tellez, and we were kind of being brats but he’s a really good kid and knows a lot of the gospel and has taught us a lot since he came in.  Sometimes you just need to humble yourself before something works

And Hna Gonsalez says she wants more of the brownie cookies that came in the dear elder package, because they were yummy and the birthday hat and noise makers came in handy because it was Andre (our pentions sons) birthday and I think they enjoyed them.

Hey I have a question really quick, when Sydney was sealed to our family were you in the full temple outfit or just the dress, because we were talking about it and we were wondering.  Because we were talking and when Hna Witts mom was sealed to her family she only remembers everyone in all white and I only remember white from when we were sealed to Sydney so we think it’s like some sort of like spiritual block so that we don’t remember the ceremonial clothes.

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