Monday, July 7, 2014

"I was solo, eating rolos"

Week Twenty-Three!

Yes I got my packages, the Easter ones with pictures of Will and Jon and the Dear Elder one, so don’t worry all is well.

This week I am writing early because our zone leaders called this morning and said Hrna Witt is headed back to Lima to finish her visa we are pretty sure it is only 3 days this time but it’s still upsetting because cambios are in a week.  And because they literally told us like an hour ago and we don’t have anyone to be my companion so I’m living with the sisters of penaloza for the next few days which is also stressful.

The timing is bad because Teobaldo, the spouse of Hna Haydee is getting baptized on Saturday and he doesn’t have all the lessons that he needs to be baptized so our plan was to meet with him every day this week but I don’t know how that is going to happen if Chilca is closed for 3 days.  He’s a really good guy but we need to baptize him before he goes back to work because he won’t have missionaries in the mines of Cero de Pasco.  He goes to church every Sunday her entire family is just so ready for the gospel.

This last week we also met Paul.  Paul is a good kid.  It all started with us knocking on his door.  We had a cita with him the next day.  We went and talked about the restoration and he seemed a little suspicious and was like is this the same bible I have and were like yeah look, James 1:5, and were like the way to get over your doubts are to ask God if Joseph Smith was a prophet.

We went back a few days later when he told us he would be home, and he wasn’t there and the next couple days we looked for him and then we found him again and he bought us juice and was like, I feel bad I missed the cita.  We were like no problem.  Did you pray?  He’s like yeah but probably not the way I should have so we talked about prayer and the Holy Ghost and he’s like okay.  We were like when can we meet again and he’s like tomorrow in the park and were like cool that like never happens.  So we took Percy (a member) with us and met Paul in the park and then went to Hermana Filomenas house and taught the Book of Mormon, which was a little scary because of the whole Bible thing but we did it and he’s like I found one of these in my parents things and were like what that’s cool.  He was accepting of it and it was cool and we were like when can we meet again and he was like, tomorrow and everyday it was like that.  We had a cita with him every day that week, which never ever happens, and it was so cool and he’s a really good kid.

That’s really all,

Hermana Peters

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