Saturday, June 28, 2014

Long Live Chilca

Week Twenty-One!

This week has been pretty okay.  It has been kind of hard getting use to a new district leader, especially when he is the exact opposite of the previous district leader, but I have been learning and growing a lot.  It is okay because his companion is super cool.

Anyway.  There were some cool things this week.  Like the USA won two world cup games.  The only parts that I have seen is when they show the American fans wearing Peruvian jersey’s and everyone is just like Americans are so dumb and I’m just like awesome.

There have been a couple goals I've seen.  Most people here don’t care too much because Peru isn't in the world cup so like our days are mostly normal.  We actually had some pretty high numbers this week with lessons so that was good.

The ward members here are so awesome.  Yeah they all have their problems and sometimes their problems drive us nuts but they are still so great and they come to lessons with us and love our investigators

Hermana Witt and I have some really cute pictures this week but my camera isn’t working on the computer this week.  The computer is still running on like Windows XP so that’s rough but it’s still a blessing to have a computer.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYDNEY AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL!  I ate cake on Sydney’s birthday for her and we plan on getting cake today for Will’s we will see if that actually happens and happy belated Father’s Day to dad.  I guess that is kind of important too.

I heard two stories about the Chupacabra this week and it wasn't the my sheep were eaten stories it was the I was face to face with the Chupacabra stories and it made me so happy and I literally sat there for an hour just listening.  Then Hna. Witt is like what is a Chupacabra and I’m just like your mom is Mexican how do you not know and it was probably the greatest moment of my life

I don’t know what else to write other than I forgot to mention Hna. Witt cut my bangs she’s never cut hair in her life so that was really fun.

At night it does cool down but only to like the needing a sweater weather like a nice summer day in Portland.  I don’t need any extra clothes for that.  Whoever is complaining is either in Huancavilica, Cero de Pasco or is a big baby.

Love you 
Hermana Peters

The prophet told the mission president he has to shut down the blog.
So he did.
So yeah.

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