Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another Week in Huancayo

Week Nine!

Hello again,

This week was pretty good, I spent all day crying because of Spanish, but I feel like that was my wall and ever since then things have been awesome. Hna Witt is awesome at comforting no matter what she says. But yeah this week is awesome.

I taught Jime and his family again, (the Taxi Driver) and it was so awesome, He didn't read the assigned chapter so we read it with him and the Spirit was so strong. It was 3 Nephi Chapter 11 which I love giving people because it’s like, look it’s a history of when your ancestors saw Jesus Christ. I love it. Anyway we committed them to go to church and Jime works, which is annoying but we picked up his wife and daughter and went with them. It was okay, but the third hour was about how to be a good member missionary and we are just like, are you serious, so we distracted them with pictures the whole time.

We taught Ide again (the cute lady with the cute little old mom) and we committed her to baptism. She is so excited about the gospel and, we went back Thursday to curl her niece’s hair, it is the saddest story. Her mom didn't want her so she was a literal Cinderella child for her mom, and when her grandma found out (the cute old lady) she took her back to live with them, but they don’t have enough money to by her clothes (which she only has one set of) or anything, so we talked to the R.S. president about getting her some clothes and it’s a work in progress, so we went over on Thursday and curled her hair for our service project and made her all cute for school, because she is the sweetest thing. And Ide gave us knitted hats and I almost cried because they have like nothing and they’re giving us things

And we talked to Kieterson and Tatiana who are two people that got lost in transfers (do your paper work kids) but went to church so we met them, and they are cool and we put them with a baptismal date too. They are really cool kids. They are studying civil engineering and are about our age so it’s just fun. Kieterson really loves the Gospel and is just so ready to be baptized. Tatiana has some doubts but I think if Kieterson joins she will be more receptive. It’s really awesome.

So our landlord has a bird on the roof and we wanted to hold it right so we asked him about it and he’s just like, yeah cover your arm and it will be perfect. So one day we went up to hold it, and I had Hna. Witt go first (because she is the senior companion,) and it was cool, it just walked all over her, and onto her back. So I’m like yeah I can do this. So I put my arm out and it climbed on and it started biting my sleeve, and I’m like no get it off now, and while I was trying to get it off it somehow found the inch of skin I had exposed and bit it, HARD. I was marked for like 3 days! It was the worst.

Then WE HAD A BAPTISM! I was kind of down about it because it was like, no it doesn't count, her family are members and we aren't teaching her, but I snapped out of it, like HEY she would not have been baptized if it wasn't for us. So the night before we went to fill the font, but the church was out of water.... so we went the next morning to fill the font and it was all fine and dandy until the water STOPPED! COMPLETELY OUT OF WATER! So we ran around trying all the sinks and they were all out of water so we were running around trying to figure out what to do. and we hear this water draining in this thing underground so we open it and we see the water so we take our buckets but we couldn't reach, so we had to take the rags from the cleaning closet and tie them together and sink the buckets down, fill them, and run them to the font, it took until 10 until we had the font filled. It was awesome.

So we got all these recent convert names from the bishop to visit and ask some questions, and we met a guy named Hugo and he was so sweet but menos activo, so we talked to him and were like, hey God loves you go to church and we just talked with him for a bit and he’s just like I’m glad you guys stopped by sometimes I get sad so it’s nice to talk to someone, and guess what. HE WENT TO CHURCH it was so awesome.

There is more but I can’t remember, maybe I will remember to tell you next week,
Love you,
Hermana Peters

Just remembered

It was so nice to have my first hot shower in like a month, and I had my two month anniversary the same day as our baptism, it was cute.

Oh yeah, we had a lesson with this cute old man in the ward who has grand kids and great grand kids. He was so cute but he took us to the middle of no where, still our area-ish apparently  but it was in a field and we sat on the hill with them sitting around us, exactly how you were picturing teaching in Peru would be and it was so sweet, and the man was baptized in the early 70s but I forgot to ask if he knew Shorten or Shauklus.

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