Monday, April 7, 2014


Week Ten!

Yes it is official, I ate a guinea pig, but that is not all, I did not just eat the guinea pig, they brought it out alive, and they killed and skinned it right before me and cleaned and cooked it and it was really delicious.

That was kind of the highlight of my week, it was sort of a slow week.  I had a cold and was not completely with it.  But I am much better now.

We started teaching commandment lessons with some of our investigators who want to be baptized and it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.  So that is cool.

General Conference was this weekend, unlike the USA we don’t get it on the TV, we all gathered in the stake center to watch it via satellite transmission.  The first session we didn't get in English, which was sad because Elder Holland was speaking and his translator isn't as passionate as he is so we just saw his finger pointing and were like AHHHHHHHHHH.  That session we had Ide and Diana with us and when the last speaker (I don’t remember who) was like "maybe you came with missionaries" she was like "ahhh he’s talking to me", it was so cool.

The other sessions we got in English though.  It was so good.  Over the 4 sessions we had 9 investigators show up and they all loved it.  It was so awesome.  I really loved Elder Bednar’s talk.

the cat
Last night we found a cat on our roof, it was whining and cold, so we brought it in for a night and gave it a box.  It’s pretty cute, but we can’t have pets so this morning we put it back on the roof.  It was fun while it lasted.  We named it Bartholomew.

So since I have like a lot more time I decided I’m actually going to answer some of your questions this week.  FINALLY RIGHT?

P Days.
Usually we don’t do much on P Days, we will go to the store or meet at a capilla or field with missionaries and play soccer and just chat.  They’re not the most entertaining days ever, mostly just a good relaxing time.

Lots of Chicken and rice.  But I’m not complaining, I love chicken and rice.  It’s all good.  I finally had cuyi which was good.  I tried some soup made with cow stomach which doesn't taste bad, it is made of 3 parts kind of, a really rubber part, a really slimy part, and a really spongy part.  It was weird but it tasted fine.  Other than that, chicken and rice, and lots of potatoes.  But I can avoid them just enough.

Love you,
Hermana Peters

Oh I forgot.
We aren't technically allowed to eat outside of the pentionista, except for Sunday lunch we eat with the members but people love us and if they have made us food and offer it to us we aren't allowed to say no.  So it depends on where were go for the day some members always feed us bread or cake or something others don’t give us anything.

People always give me hot-dogs because that’s what white people like to eat is hot-dogs and its gross I hate hot dogs.  When I say I like sandwiches they are like oh a piece of bread with French fries and hot dogs and I’m like please, no.

Apparently I was made for Peru food.

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