Friday, March 28, 2014

Huancayo Week 2

Week Eight!

Well, I still don’t know Spanish, which is cool, but also really frustrating. 

Anyway, what happened this week?  

Well, last Monday was cool, our old pentionista took us out to get our hair done and it was at a Catholic Beauty school.  I was the first model to be picked because I am the whitest person here right now but the lady is actually married to a guy from Colorado, so that is cool.  After they finished our hair they’re like, okay everyone downstairs, and we were like okay bye everyone, but they like sat us on a bench and started a worship thing and we were like what is happening and so we went to leave and they were like you can’t leave and so we were held hostage by nuns for like 20 minutes it was weird, Hna. Witt and I just sat there holding our Books of Mormon and making our nametags shine, it was an experience.

Hna. Witt got a stomach infection this week, so Wednesday we just sat in our room most of the day but we got out for a few hours because she was sick of sitting in bed and we had a few appointments so we went to see this guy named Walter, I don’t know if I told you about him when we first met him he was wearing an Olympic track suit and his son Junior was there, but he wasn’t there, so Hna. Witt knocked on his neighbors door and I was like "what in the world are you doing" and she was kind of like "I don’t know I’m on drugs" so a lady answered the door and she was like, "oh yeah I’ve been asking which church is true" and it was like the exact embodiment of what you think a missionary lesson being, it was swell, but after we asked if we could visit again and she was like, ehhh I don’t know, maybe Sunday, and she had her little old mom sitting with her and she was just smiling and nodding the whole lesson.  So we go back on Sunday and she opens the door super excited and her mom runs out and is like so happy to see us, it was awesome.  So we taught them again and it was so awesome, we are going to see them again on Thursday.

The other awesome lesson was a reference from the Elders. This guy is a taxi driver and saw the Elders a lot of times and finally wanted to ask about a dream he has been having.  Basically, he sees Christ and he is saying follow me, and its super cool, sorry I am almost out of time, but we called and were like can we visit so we get there and his wife has had lessons before and she didn’t believe there were Sisters only Elders until she saw us.  She liked meeting with us a lot more because we are not so serious and she feels comfortable asking us questions.  It was awesome.  We are seeing them again on Wednesday I believe.

We also saw Maura again which was hard in itself, but she was so receptive while we were there, and she was so happy to see us, which is cool because we were about to give up on her, which is the wrong thing to do.

Then on Sunday, we saw Junior, Walter’s son, outside of church and a recent convert trying to get him inside, he didn’t make it for sacrament but we introduced him to some guys his age and he went to the last 2 hours, and we learned that he had been going to seminary ever since we met with him.

Anyway, people love seeing pictures of our families, so I’m always showing you guys off, the ladies always LOVE Jon, I’m pretty sure when they think cute white boy Jon is what they see, so when they see that actually exists they get really excited and fall in love with him.

We have a baptism, this little 10 year old girl was kind of just forgotten about in here family and never got baptized, so we met with her and because she is 10 she counts as our baptism, which is cool.

It’s hard to send photos it takes forever, I’m in a cyber café, and there are so many games that my camera won’t work.

But next time send it to David Y Henderson and put my name somewhere else so that I don’t have to spend my p-day at surpost


Love you

Hermana Peters

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