Monday, April 28, 2014

The Birth and (Almost) Death in Huancayo

Week Thirteen!

Well, this week was a slow work week too, but a lot of fun things happened because of it.  First of all Cledi (Jime (the taxi Drivers) wife) HAD HER BABY ON FRIDAY.  It was born with darker skin than me and it is the hairiest little alien I have ever seen.  Anyway, it was fun because Monday was Kim’s (her daughter) birthday.  So we went over on Monday with cake and were like where is the baby, and she is like, IN MY BELLY.  So we ate cake.  Wednesday we went over because that is the only day Jime isn’t taxi driving and is available for us to visit and there was still no baby.  So on Saturday when we called to remind her of church on Sunday she’s like "I can’t go I have a baby" so on Sunday we went and saw it and it was cool. They are such an awesome family.

This week was also hard because our Pentionista was getting her house redone right, and the painters put paint thinner in a water bottle and left it out.  Her 17 year old son walks in like "oh I’m thirsty" and drinks it. (all this was happening while we were teaching for the evening) and so she makes him drink water and someone else makes him drink milk, and he starts throwing up and then he walks to his mom and is like "I feel better" and then fell over and like died.  So we show up at 8 30 for dinner and no one answers so we're like "oh she probably fell asleep" because that happens sometimes so we got back to our apartment and drank Dr. Pepper and ate Pringles and our phone rings and she’s like "I’m at the hospital Rodolpho died I’m so sorry I didn’t make you food I will have breakfast ready in the morning" and were like what.  So we go the next day for breakfast and are like "don’t make us lunch go to the hospital we will live" and she’s like okay, okay.  She gets a phone call while we are at breakfast and her ex-husband is like "they won’t let me in, wait what did you say to me" and then in the words of our pentionista "then you could hear him punching the guy" like complete Spanish soap opera status.   We felt bad but we laughed really hard.  We got Chinese food for lunch, yum, and Rodolpho lived, he had an internal cleansing and a colonoscopy and went home that night and was at school the next day (because Peruvians are crazy lol)

We were visiting Ide and she told us that her niece Diana (little orphan who is the cutest thing) wants to be baptized, too.  But we haven’t seen her because she’s always at school when we go over.  So we go over and like every day that Diana’s grandma is in town she reads the book of Mormon to her and she is so ready to be baptized and she is seriously the cutest thing.  So we taught her what she needs to know before baptism and she and Ide have a fecha for the 9th of May. YAY

This Saturday we are going to baptize Rosani, who is paralyzed down half her body.  We visited her last Saturday and she was having doubts again because her family is whispering little falsehoods into her ear and we were just like, how do you feel when you picture your baptism?  And she’s like happiness and peace and then we were like "how do you feel when you think about waiting for it?  And she’s just like kind of gross.  We were like that is the Spirit telling you that you need to be baptized.  She thought for a minute and sat up straight, and was like, Saturday, I’m getting baptized on Saturday, I have been waiting for things my whole life, I am not waiting for this, and I was just like so happy because she is so amazing and I have seen how the gospel has blessed her.

On Saturday we were told to go to the stake center to pick up our mini missionary.  A mini missionary is usually someone that is 17 or 18 and preparing to serve a mission and it’s through the church offices and all official and we get one prepared female ready for a mission and have a normal day.  But we show up and there is like the entire stakes young men and they hand us a list of people (not in our area) to go visit. We’re like what... and then they give us four, FOUR, 13 year old boys.  FOUR! and we were like, okay we cannot do this.  We were literally babysitting, and so we were like we have baptism worthy appointments and this is ridiculous so we took them to our appointments and gave them candy when they were good, which was only once, because they would literally start wrestling during our appointments. I am never having kids.

Well, one of our slow days we were walking and all of our appointments cancelled and we were contacting in the street (which is not helpful, please always give references to the missionaries).  There is a festival right now called Cuasimoto. (We are going today WHOOTWHOTT) anyway there was a cotton candy guy down a few streets and Hna. Witt really wanted candy so we started walking towards him, and then he got on his bike and started pedaling away. So obviously we start running and we run like 9 blocks to the end of our area and don’t catch him and we can’t cross out of our area, so Hna. Witt stops a kid on a bike and gives him money to go buy her candy, he was nice and did, but it was funny.

Anyway, that was it 
Love you

Hermana Peters

Ancient Incan Place with Hermana Witt

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