Monday, April 14, 2014

That One Week

Week Eleven!

Well, This week started out really slow with not much too say, I feel kind of bad for my future kids reading my mission journal because it is not that entertaining the past two weeks.

Hermana Witt was sick this week, which is a lot harder than me being sick, because when I’m sick she can talk, but when she is sick I try and talk, and have probably said some false things without even realizing it.

We haven’t had any ridiculously awesome stories with investigators this week, but we have one really amazing new convert.

She was baptized right before I came in and her name is Keith (Kate). She was in a relationship with an abusive man before her baptism, but they weren’t legally married, so when she learned the Law of Chastity she took the opportunity to leave him.  And she was so happy, even though she was raising her two kids (one and a half and three years old) on her own. Then this past two weeks, her ex stopped paying child support and she had to move and look for a job and it has been really hard.  

Then yesterday we had an appointment with Maura, and we were like Keith lives nearby now, let’s take her.  Which makes little to no sense because they have nothing in common, but we were both sick, so it somehow made sense. ANYWAY, we knocked on her door and she seemed a little off, so we kept asking how she was and she just broke down crying.  It turned out earlier that day she was really stressed out and her kid wasn’t listening to her and she went to move him and set him down too hard, and after he wasn’t moving his knee and she was so upset because she thought she broke it and it was so hard on her.

I walked into her house and just hugged her for a while (thank you Lord for making me an awesome hug giver) but I felt like there was nothing else I could do and Hermana Witt felt like there was nothing she could do because she thinks she’s a really bad comforter, which is false.  But anyway, I remembered one time, when I was really, really little, like 4 or 5, and Dad got really mad and threw my Barbie airplane across the room, and I was so scared because he was so mad, and then I´m like, how did I remember that so long after, after so long of not thinking about it and so I told it to Keith, and told her how I don’t remember it ever because I know my dad loves me and that is really all that matters, her kid won’t remember that in a year or two maybe even a day if you just keep showing him how much you love him.  I said all that in Spanish, (with help from Hna. Witt of course) but it was so awesome, and she just hugged me again for a long time, and I knew it was what she needed to hear.  It was the first time I felt like I was doing more than just saying the little sentences I have memorized in my head and it was helpful.

Anyway, our neighbors cat (Bartholomew we still call him) entered our apartment without permission, so now we keep a blanket under our door to keep him out, it has worked so far.

I don’t know if I have told you about Rosani. One day she walked into church and we went and talked to her. She showed up by herself because she was paralyzed on the left side of her body and she tried to kill herself, and she was really upset, and when she was dying basically, she had a dream that she needed to go to church. So that Sunday she got up, got in the cab and said take me to the church and assuming, the cabbie had taken 1000000534759867390475978 missionaries to the church before, took her to ours.  We talked to her and provided her with some comfort and she really liked church.  When teaching her in her home a week or so later, Hna. Witt and I both had this feeling that if she had a priesthood blessing she could be healed.  So this week we got her a blessing from the Elders and she isn’t healed yet, but you can see little by little her legs moving more and it is just amazing, and her mom is so happy, because since she started going to church every Sunday, she is so much happier, and she is, she is so smiley, and always is petting my hair telling me how gringa I am.  She is so sweet.

Which reminds me of another lady in the ward.  I don’t know her name, but she is a little old lady, the grandma of one of the girls we go out teaching with, and every time she sees me she comes up and kisses my cheek and calls me her gringita linda (cute little white girl).  She is just the cutest old woman.

Times almost up,
Love you
Hermana Peters

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