Monday, April 21, 2014

Politics, Pishtacos, and what is happening out there?

Week Twelve!

Well this week was a rough one, it seemed like every appointment we had canceled and it was rough, but things happen.

It’s voting season here in Huancayo, so people are showing their support through t shirts and parades.  Fun fact, the flag for the region of Junin is a rainbow flag.  So you can imagine my surprise when half the city of Huancayo paraded down the street waving rainbow flags.  It was pretty funny.

So whenever we are street contacting there are two kinds of people the people that really love me and want me to speak English and the ones who look really terrified of me.  You’re probably wondering why people are scared of me like really I don’t bite well there is a thing people really love having at birthday parties here they are clowns scary right?  Well yeah, while at a birthday party of a ward member we were watching this clown entertain like 50 kids.  Then he told every one of them to stay away from gringos because they are pishtacos.  Yeah, I thought he said fish tacos and I’m just like yum, I wish I had some but no, pishtaco.  A pishtaco is a person who steals organs.
So half the people in Peru think I’m going to steal their organs and eat them or something, I don’t know.  But like adults are scared of me because of this and I’m just like Jesus said Thou Shalt not Kill so here come to church.

Yeah, anyway since it was a really slow week, we didn't teach many people but the people we did teach could not understand my accent and it made me upset so we got pizza, and it was good real pizza, and it was nice

Yeah.  I wish I had something spiritual to share this week but I don’t really.  Easter was a big deal. Like how we get half a week off for Thanksgiving, they get off for Easter and they make huge murals out of flowers and drink a lot like too much (Like there is a beer company that can only produce enough for the city of Huancayo these weeks when usually they produce for the whole South American continent).  So yeah, they make a paper mache Jesus and parade him around in a glass coffin like snow white and its really interesting because it is really Catholic based so there is a lot of crosses and Jesus death which makes me appreciate the church because what was really important is what is really beautiful Christ lived again and so can we and that is why the resurrection is so beautiful.

Anyway that is really it.
Love you

Hermana Peters

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