Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tarapacá - HUÁNUCO!

Week Forty-three!

Well this week was a little bit crazy, you didn't hear about cambios last week because they happen on Tuesday nights.  While we were in a meeting with one of our less actives the zone leaders called, and told me about how I am getting changed to Huánuco.  So we left the house, there was some crying, told the pension I was leaving and went to the house and started packing the next day we spent all day driving to Huánuco.

My new companion is Hna Defina, and she is awesome, she is one of the Latina sisters that came in 2 weeks before me, so we will be going home together in July, and it is so much fun.  Oh yeah, she is from Argentina, and we are in the ward Tarapacá with Elder Torres, from Peru, and Elder Moore. (Remember him from my time in Chilca?)

It’s hot here, and everyone says that its getting cold and they are all cold, and I’m just like dying of heat.  Here there is air to breathe, we had to run from the bishop’s house to our house the other night because we were a little late and I just wanted to keep running when we got back to the room.

It is so beautiful here and I am so happy to be here.  This week I want to talk about Prayer.

In the December Liahona, I don’t remember who said that when we need our faith in god to grow the first step we should take is pray and that when we give the 2 minutes to god to pray he will give us the time to get the blessings we need.In Moroni he explains that we should "Pedid al padre con toda la energia de nuestra corazón" and with "un corazón sincero, y con verdadera intention" [Ask the Father with all the energy of our heart "and with" a sincere heart, with real intent] and that when we ask with those things, you can receive an answer to your questions.  

One of my favorite examples in the mission is an investigator from Chilca named Paul.  Our first visit we talked about the restoration of the church and asked him to pray about Joseph Smith.  The next time we returned we asked if he had prayed about it, and his response was "not how I should have".  We were a little taken back because people usually don’t say that or don’t know that.  So we talked with him about how we should pray with the true intent and be sincere, and we left him with the challenge to pray again.  Since that point he had more faith than I had seen in some people that we taught.

The Other thing is that many people think that they only have to pray about something once, and they will get their answer, or they have their answer and yeah, that is the end, but from that we look to Alma as an example,

Alma had one of the strongest testimonies of the truth that we can see in the Book of Mormon, and in the 5th chapter and 46th verse we can see where that testimony comes from when he says. "He aquí. he ayunado y orado muchos días para poder saber estas cosas por mí mismo"  [I have fasted and prayed many days that I might know these things of myself].  So we don’t need to just stay with one insincere prayer, we need to be like Enos, and "tener hambre" to know the truth, even if we know the answer we should pray again so that our testimony can be confirmed, then our prayers will be answered.  Then we will have the faith to endure to the end.

That’s all for today

Love you
Hermana Peters

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