Friday, December 12, 2014

The Cargo of Bishop

Week Forty-five!
I’m so happy here in Huanuco!  Now I’m here and I’m pretty sure I have a new role model and it’s our Bishop and I’m really surprised to say that because usually I`m acting bishop of the ward because here they don’t really understand their roles.  But our Bishop now does. Right now the ward is struggling and everyone is blaming our Bishop when really it is the fault of all of the Bishops before him.  All this week we focused on the members, and all had their problems, why isn’t this happening? the Bishop doesn’t help with this? look at these people why is the ward not helping? 
The answer to all of them (in the eyes of the people) was Bishop, so last night we went and talked to the Bishop and told him all of the preoccupations of all of the ward and he explained all of the things that we already know, that the councilors should help with interviews, that the presidents should be visiting people, that he’s not letting children go out on missions because they are not worthy.  He doesn’t give out money helps because the people haven’t paid tithing when they were working.
And he explained to us that we are having all of these complaints because all of the Bishops before just did everything themselves and he can’t because he works two jobs, studies and has his family and when he gives an assignment the people don’t do it.  He is really stressed out so we are looking for ways to help him with all of his tasks but he is an awesome guy and I really look up to him, and he started Hna Peter Parker, so yeah he’s pretty cool.

That’s all for this week,
Hna Peters

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