Sunday, November 2, 2014

3 Things I wish I knew before the mission (MTC Lima and Missionary Life)

I have like 20 minutes left so I've been thinking about the things that I researched (or didn't) before the mission and that yeah, in Peru it is quite a bit different so here is a list of the things that I wish I knew before the mission.

1. Bring Scriptures In Your Mission Language. Maybe in the Provo MTC you get your scriptures in your mission language but in Lima, not so much. You should either bring a little bit of personal money to buy them yourself from the temple here. Or bring them with you, because the nice leather scripture here tend to fall apart.

2. Bring your own money to spend. Thankfully I had some but lots of people didn’t because they heard that they get a P Day allowance in the Provo MTC. This is not true in Lima and there will be things you need and want to buy on P Days in Lima.  You can bring the money in the currency of your country and they will change it without a fee in the MTC.  But also keep a few coins because people love seeing coins from different countries.

3. Should I Study Before The Mission?  Yes, you don’t necessarily need to study the missionary Lessons in chapter 3 of preach my gospel.  Or Study hardcore like you will in the mission, but to read a few things before, like…

a) Read the Book of Mormon at least one time all the way through before the mission, and challenge yourself to read it all again in the short time in the MTC.
b) Read through Chapters 1, 2 and 5 of Preach My Gospel, those are the foundations of the work and will help a lot in the mission. 
c) Read through the Missionary Handbook at least one time before accepting your call. They are the rules and guidelines set but the 12 apostles to help you be a better missionary, and if you don’t want to follow them for 18-24 months it’s better to just not leave in the mission

That’s it and now I have to leave.

Love You

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