Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Half Way There

Week Forty-one!

This week is the last week in the first half of training of Hna Pfister.  This cambio has gone by pretty quickly which I am grateful for, and as cambios get close we begin contemplating the things that might happen during this change and we have ranked them from the most likely to the least.

1. We both stay and I finish the training of Hna Pfister
2. I leave the area and get a new companion
3. Hna Pfister leaves me, (how rude)

I have been thinking about my time here in Mantaro and how long it actually feels, and I feel like you guys see it to from Dads comments last week.  When really if I leave this next Tuesday I will have the same amount of time here that I had in Chilca.  But it has been a lot slower here.  The people are a bit more closed than Chilca, and not just to us but to everyone.  That is why a lot of our investigators have been progressing really slowly, and we are working with a lot of less actives.

But I hit that point where I am starting to get tired.  The work is hard but rewarding and like every missionary will say after a time yeah I’m really tired but I still have steam in my engine and I will be pushing forward from this time out.

The dog I have permission to take
home at the end of my mission
The wig we found in the street

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