Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Week Forty-two!

Sorry I’m writing so late today and I probably won’t write a lot because we climbed a really big mountain and we got back late.  I’m really tired, the soreness is just starting to hit.  But it is like the big thing that the zones in Huancayo do and you basically die because there is no air and you’re climbing at a huge incline and then you eat lunch and take photos and start back down a different way at an even steeper incline.  So that was fun.  I kind of felt like Moses climbing a mountain, and trust me, there is a lot of prayer involved.

This month there is no holiday in Peru because everyone is getting ready for Christmas and it is all happy and cheery and we eat lots of paneton (which is like fruit cake but yummy) and its yummy, so I’m going to gain like 1234235346 lbs.

I’ll write more and send photos next week.

Love you.

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