Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Week Eighteen!

Well Hermana Witt is back! Yay! This Week she came back on Tuesday and I was supposed to pick her up at 4 but a guy that thought humans that had faith they would be immortal beings in the earth would be.  Yeah and he bible bashed me for like 30 minutes and I just sat and waited for him to be done but he never was and I was like sorry we have an appointment and he was like sorry child I don’t understand your accent and so his son was like shut up dad we need to go, they don’t care. so that happened and then I finally got Hermana Witt and everything was good and yeah I kinda took a break from talking and thinking because she was back.

She got me a cover for my scriptures that are super cool and not much happened this week cambios are on Wednesday and we know that one of us is going so we are visiting lots of ward members and I have pictures of them, so yeah.

I remembered something that happened.

So there is this park called parque abel Martinez, right, and we teach 2 people that live right next to it so we walk through it like every night.  One day we were walking and we see these white people playing with the kids and were like oh crap pishtaco status and we were kinda worried about pishtacos.  So we were talking with our investigator about it and she was like, oh yeah, people come from other countries and teach games to the kids and dances and things like that and we were just like, why Huancayo.

We put ourselves in the mindset of these people their sitting here in this park probably thinking that these people are so poor and I’m just like are you serious these people have a Metro (like Freddy’s) and we get hot water sometimes.  Like why Huancayo?  This city is loaded we can take you to Pilchaca if you want and I don’t know because I feel so blessed to be in such a big functioning city and these people though that we were like dirt poor and it was really weird to think about.

The other weird thing to think about hit me when I was eating cow heart the other day.  I keep saying all I eat is rice and chicken, which is partly true, but I have eaten some weird things, like guinea pig, BBQ cow heart, cow stomach, and chicken feet soup.   But I don’t know it just doesn't seem weird it’s just like normal.  I don’t know it’s weird.

Baltazar Family
Brent y Sting

Hrno Pio

Power Outage
Filomenas Door
WUT (political party)

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