Friday, June 13, 2014

3 Cambios Strong

Week Nineteen!

Well cambios were this week and a lot of exciting things happened, just kidding, I’m still with Hermana Witt.  WHICH IS AWESOME!  We are like the first companionship to stay together for 3 cambios straight ever in the whole mission so that’s awesome.

We didn’t get very much work done but it was good.  We realized why President doesn’t keep people together for so long we are way comfortable with each other and sometimes goof off, but we are both really happy because Jaime and Cledi promised to get married and baptized this cambio.  So we will both be here for both and it is so great.

It was kind of funny everyone in the ward was like no I don’t think anyone is leaving and were like it’s going to happen like they would never keep us together and then they did.  So it was like look everyone we are here and we got Hermano Pio to smile because of it (pictures attached) he’s smiling here because we baptized his grand nephew but still he really doesn’t like most missionaries except us because we are the best.

But yeah, we had a baptism it was Pios grand nephew and it was good except the Elder's forgot we had a baptism and they only had the Jesus suit or an adult sized suit so we asked Edwardo which he wanted and he was like the Jesus suit obviously and we were like okay go for it.

That was really all that happened this week, but I have 2 things for ward members.  One, if a missionary shows up on your door and asks to use your bathroom let them it means that they needed to go like 3 hours ago and you’re the first chance they get and two if they show up on your door unannounced and ask to teach your family a lesson let them that means they have gone through every last appointment or person they could think of and your plan triple Z and they really just want to work hard, so let them in.

That’s all
Love you
Hermana peters

I got Will’s post card, is that the letter you were talking about?

It looks like it got to Huancayo after 8 days and to me after 11.

Because it showed up on Friday, and the office elder doesn’t get mail till Thursday, and then our zone leaders don’t get the mail till Monday, then I don’t get it till district meeting on Tuesday.

Baptism of Hermano Pio's Grand Nephew

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