Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This Week from Huancayo Peru

Week Twenty!

Well this week was interesting but good.  They kicked all the Costa Rican missionaries out of Peru which includes our district leader Elder Tellez.  We got some white kid now so that will be interesting.  It’s a big change from Elder Tellez but I’m sure he will lighten up a bit once our zone leaders get a hold of him (they are a little bit crazy) but it is good.

This week we baptized Sherly, she is the little sister of another convert named Henry, he was baptized like right before Hermana Witt and I moved in and we got permission for him to baptize her and it was the cutest thing ever.

Henry baptizing Sherly
Henry and Haydee
And this week our stake had a concourse of dances and it was also so cute the same Henry danced with Haydee our recent convert from a few weeks ago, and just seeing everyone dance was so cute.  It was like all of our favorite people were dancing together and it was so awesome.   

Each ward had a different South American country and our ward was Chile I don’t know if people in Chile dress the same as in Portland but that is how they dressed for the dance it was funny.

The picture of them walking out is like all of our favorites in one photo.

Concourse of Dances

That was really all the highlights of the week.

I have not gotten my package yet. 

Hermana Witt went to Lima because she was illegal and needed a visa.

Snow doesn’t exist here, it’s hotter than life.  I’m tanner than I have ever been in my whole life it’s like a bajillion degrees during the day and then from like 6pm to 9am it’s like a little bit cold like in the 50s.  If this is winter I think I may die in the summer.  I miss the rainy season.

I don’t talk about zone conferences because they are the most boring thing ever.  This last one we met at the church after P Day and listened to a 1.5 hr PowerPoint about true happiness then watched everyone get packages that had them then we went home, it was so fun...............................................

Our Zone is Zona Huancayo, which is our district Chilca, like a district of the city of Huancayo, which is us and the elders in our ward, the sisters and elders in Peñaloza, and then a little pueblo called Pampas which is like an hour away.  Then another two districts called Huancavalica (1&2) which is a city that’s about 5 hours away on the most dangerous road in all of our mission (Which I survived whuttup) and there is a district there of 4 elders and another of a pair of sisters and like four more elders and we see them like once a month for zone conference.  In your area really no matter where you are you’re kind of in a box of your district and you never get to know anyone else and since I have been in Chilca my whole mission with the same companion I know nobody, yay!  But the kids I know are cool so it’s okay.

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