Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Week Five!

Basically, nothing happened this week, except the whole CMM is sick there is like a stomach flu thing, and then a stomach bacteria thing and then a girl in our district has a worm.  (Isn't that fun?) As of what we know right now, I only have the stomach flu thing, and it was only a couple days which I am grateful for, and am hoping it doesn't escalate.

Something else that was fun, we were all walking down the hallway and our morning body guard guy was standing in the hallway and my district yelled "CHARGE" (in English of course) and he is like "Who is George?" and after dying of laughter we explained it to him and he kind of got it but then we were like "FOR NARNIA" and he’s like "oh I get it now" then we talked about Narnia for like 20 minutes.

Last fun thing and then I will share something spiritual I guess, Hno. Valaquez was telling us a story from his mission and Hna. Rush was the investigator Gisel and I was her friend who was a member, and he couldn't remember Gisel´s friends name so he’s like let’s just say Kirstin.  And for like 40 minutes he was calling me Kirstin and I like turn to Hna. Rush like "do you think he knows" and she just shook her head so after he finished the story I was like "you know why we were laughing the whole time right?" and he was just like "nope" so I´m like "Kirstin was my name before my mission" and He was just like "enserio?"  He seriously didn't believe me until I pulled out my scriptures and proved it to him it was so funny.
Anyway, I had a really cool thing happen this week, I don’t know if I told you last week but Hna. Rush and I were talking to a Maestro about our Spanish struggles and He was like "just read out loud and time yourself for 1 minute and get faster and faster".  Well that was last P Day.  Later that night we were watching a Joseph Smith movie (I think it was called The Golden Plates).  It was perfect and cheesy and anything you want a movie to be. ANYWAY, Hna. Rush had to use the restroom, and I was in the hallway and the same maestro came up and was like "HERMANA PETERS, what is the key to learning Spanish" and Hna. Rush walked out at that time, and we were like "timing ourselves while we read out loud" and he’s just like "no" "the most important thing to remember is to walk like angels, talk like angels and think like angels" and it was so cool not really what he said but the power behind what he said, it was like the power behind the promises apostles make it was just like wow.

Anyway, I got a Libro de Mormon in Qechua, its crazy, they only have like half the book (No Ether, sorry dad) but it is like the same size as an English book of Mormon, but the words are SO LONG its crazy.

Anyway, that’s it really, I may not be able to email next week because Tuesday is when we will be traveling to the mission home!  CRAZY RIGHT!  10% of my mission will be over next week, how sad is that? Can I get an extension?

Hermana Peters


Mana kaypichu means not included; and Hunt´asqu means complete; and the rest are selected chapters

Also, if anyone else in the family wants to email me I’m okay with that, with Hermana De Leon she should have added me as a friend so it would have been in the requests.  It doesn’t matter that much. Love you

Oh yeah, I should be on the Mission home blog thing next week (between Tuesday and Friday, depending on when they post it,) but I should be on it soon.

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