Monday, March 17, 2014

Hey All, I totally forgot about pi Day!

Week Seven!

Hey All,

I totally forgot about pi Day! Bummer, our pentionista gave us cake for her son’s birthday yesterday though.  It was pretty good.

My new companion is Hermana Witt.  She’s awesome, she is from Utah but her mom is Mexican so she is fluent in Spanish and is really helping me learn more.  I wish I could speak this language but I just think of Nephi constantly, because he was slow of speech, and when he says "I may not know all things but I know that God loves his children" I think that’s the correct wording but yeah, I realize my calling isn't to learn Spanish, Its to let people know God loves them and if I focus on that the language will come.  Which is okay because the people here are so patient with me and are willing to listen and just appreciate that I was trying.  One moment that really stands out is we were getting cookies and Hrna. Witt is like invite her to church and the lady was just listening to me and smiling and she didn't come to church but she was so sweet.

WE GOT A LANDLINE!  The first few days we were dependent on the payphone at the store under our apartment, but we got a landline, so if you were wondering if we got iPhones and iPads too, we don’t, we got our brand new landline.

Oh yeah, my area, I’m in the city of Huancayo.  The documentary was wrong the apartments are nice, like your average studio apartment in America is what we have here and it’s nice.  We are close to the mission home, just keep sending packages there my whole mission but address them to David Y Henderson, or I will never get them I might these next few weeks because I’m in Huancayo but once I transfer somewhere else I will never get them because if they are in my name I have to be at the post office to get them.  So just make sure it’s addressed to David Y Henderson and my name is somewhere else.  

Anyway I don’t know what all these kids saying the first week is the hardest is all about.  I really had no idea what was happening but I just went with it and it’s all good.  Hna, Witt had no idea either because she’s new to the area too we are the first Hnas. in the Chicla 1st ward in like 20 years if I understood that correctly, which is cool.  But we have like no one to talk to but we found two investigators which is awesome

We are also between pentionistas right now, we technically have three so that’s cool.  I have no idea what’s happening but it’s all good.

Live Long and Prosper,
Hermana Peters


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