Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Week Four!


No pictures this week sorry, but it was a great week, it has been so spiritual the last few days. We had an awesome lesson with Gisel Acosta (our teacher) and it went perfectly about the Word of Wisdom, we just didn’t let the language hold us back, we were so happy and after the lesson Hno. Valaquez was like in shock at how good we were and we were just like "well we decided to be more obedient and it paid off" not that we weren’t obedient before, we just would nap during personal study on accident, or show up a couple minutes late to something here or there. It really makes all the difference and he was so proud of us and said we were an example to him, and I basically almost cried it was so touching.

Later on in the week Hno. Valaquez was so proud of us he said Hna. Rush and I are the perfect examples of what the CCM does to people. He is seriously the sweetest guy, The other night we had ice cream and I´m like "I can’t I am lactose intolerant" and I thought he got it but the next day he was like "do you feel okay, is the food in the cafeteria okay", seriously, so sweet.

Our morning teacher is Dávalos, I don’t know if I have said much about him, but he is great too, we basically grew up in the same exact house hold, his parents converted when they were about 20, and his dad is a huge Pink Floyd fan (basically twin’s right). He is really helpful, he speaks fluent inglés and always helps me understand concepts, which is his job, but still it’s nice to have someone who knows what they are doing.

I don’t know if I told you that tour groups come through the CCM especially since it is like the middle of summer, (still not use to that). But we had a group come in and we talked with them a little about missions, it was a primary class of 10-11 year old boys. We thought they were like some Peruvian Boy Scout thing but the church here doesn’t do that, it’s like too expensive or something, but it was great. And the other day we had YW-YM groups come in and pretend to be investigators. That was fun.

We got to do real proselyting again on Saturday, and it was AMAZING. I was in the poorest part of Lima, and Hna. Durfee from my district was my companion, which we were worried about at first but were like, "we will do our best and see what happens" and seriously ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. We talked with some less active teens and their families and it was a good confidence builder so we started street contacting and met some people, handed out some folletos. It was good, then we were buying water while we were planning more and a little girl came up to us and was like "Hablamos Inglés" and I´m like "sí" and she lit up, seriously the cutest thing, and she’s like "Good Afternoon" and it was seriously so cute. So I´m like "Esta Bien, Estudia inglés en la esquela" and she was like "sí- wait!- I mean- yes" So adorable and she asked us where we were from (in inglés) and were like Estados Unidos and her jaw dropped, just in complete shock and she told us she wants to live in Hollywood. It was seriously the cutest thing ever.

Then we had one last member to see and we knocked on a door for directions and it was this man and he ended up letting us in. He was catholic but not active and had just moved to Peru from Bolivia, and he was shy and sweet and we taught the Restoration, ALL OF IT, two norte americanos who know little to know Española taught a lesson, and he was just so moved, it was seriously unreal, he wanted to hear more, he wanted to read the Book of Mormon, he wanted to go to church. It was so amazing, and just so perfect, and I know Huancayo is going to be just as amazing and I seriously love it here, I never want to leave! 

I´m already a month done. This sucks, can I get an extension?

All the older districts are gone and we are the oldest district now, it’s weird, and I was never really close with anyone from the older district they always were kind of goofballs, but the past few days Elder Pond really stepped it up and I could really see the missionary in him, and it was really cool and right before he left he shook my hand and told me I was the strongest missionary he has ever met, and it really touched me, I don’t know what he has heard because I am honestly a huge cry baby, but it was really cool and I´m just like don’t say that, and our last-last goodbye he was like I meant every word I said, and it was just really cool. I´m going to miss that kid.

Anyway I think that’s it
Hermana Peters

PS, Hna Fitzpatrick just told me you (mom) and her mom got in contact, I think that’s weird, love you though.

Oh yeah and weather.  It’s been like 70 and really really, really, sunny, and super-hot, I´m not a big fan but it is the middle of summer so what can you do?  It wasn't that humid up until like yesterday after it rained, and ever since then it has been pretty muggy, it’s rainy season in Huancayo though, so its seriously been like Oregon weather up there, I´m really excited.

There is a rumor that if we leave the day that the train runs we get to take it up to the mission (the documentary one) which is super exciting, if not then we take a chicken bus over the most dangerous roads in the world (basically anyway) which is also really exciting.

Last thing, sorry, could you get on Facebook and see if you could just message my roommates my email and tell them I love them and want to hear from them, and Add Hna. De Leon (my companion that went home) her first name starts with an E. and it’s like Hispanic sounding so that’s a thing.  That's it.

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