Thursday, March 13, 2014

HEY, I made it to Huancayo alive...

Week Six!

I made it to Huancayo alive, I was a little sick with the CCM thing but it was only a day or two.  I didn't take the train but I made sure everyone knew how badly I wanted to go on it.  We still went on a really awesome bus ride. I almost passed out but I fell asleep before that happened.  The elevation sickness isn't too bad, I have a bit of a headache but I’m just happy to be here.  Our mission president is swell and his wife makes really awesome cookies, they have given us like 3 meals and we have only been here like 5 hours.  I seriously didn't eat any of the third meal.

Anyway. I have to allow another missionary on.  I should be on the Huancayo blog tomorrow or Thursday.
Love you,
Hermana Peters

Tell Rachel I think I read part of the letter she sent in a dream I had at the CCM because I swear I responded with "have you not seen all the colors I wear? Literally wearing a neon yellow shirt right now." Which I am again, I swear there is something about this country and having dreams because the people have them all the time and now me?

Lima is nothing like Portland, and I have only been in the mission home of Huancayo and it hasn't rained quite yet, so I’ll let her know more on that next week.

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