Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Courage of Barbie in Peru

Week Thirty-eight!

First, I would like to inform my Mom that I completely understand her distaste for the nickname Barbie but I feel a lot more annoyed with it when my name isn’t even Barbara but they say it all the time just because I am white.

But today I would like to talk a bit about Courage.  This email is a little late because yesterday we had a normal work day and interviews with the President of the Mission.  This interview was because I am about to hit the halfway mark of my mission.  Talking with him I found a word that has been kind of following me my whole time here.  People have used it to describe me.  That word is Courage.  The past month or so I really hated that word, because people always pinned it on me, like "Hermana Peters You have so much courage being out here" is something that my companions, the president and his wife and other people have said since I have been here.  I was mostly annoyed because I felt like everyone could see my struggles while I was out here.  I was embarrassed and frustrated and really hated the word.  Having Hermana Salinas as my companion she helped me learn that maybe that was why I am here, to be stronger in that aspect.  The time since she has been my companion feels like it has been so long but really it was a month ago.  That is what really stands out.  Before I had my two weeks alone, I was living off of my senior companion and hiding behind that word "courage" which is kind of ironic, but it makes sense.  Then I was alone and I couldn’t just hide behind it, I had to be it, and have it, and show it.  And now I am training, and I have to know everything, and have the courage to be the example.

you always get the most snacks
when you are fasting
It really stood out especially because it was something that was said in my setting apart blessing also, that I will have the courage necessary to do this work.  So it was something I talked with President a bit about during our interview, I asked what caused him to say that word specifically, and he basically confirmed my thoughts.  Like that the word came from the fact that he could see that maybe it was harder for me to be here than others, talking to the world, learning the language, and all of the fun stuff.  But that he has really seen that now I have a different kind of courage that I can really do it without the fear.  The next nine months I am really going to progress more than this first nine for that.

Other than that I have been pretty okay. I think I had food poisoning, but that I have had it so many times that it’s just annoying more than anything.

I love you

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