Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A crazy week and a late email

Week Twenty-Eight!

This week is the muli zona, so we had a multi zone p-day, it was really fun and I got to see Hna Witt, Hna Gonzales and Hna Ugaz.  We played and had fun.

This week felt like the longest but also was the funnest of my life.  Monday was almost normal like yeah p-day but then we went to get in our room at night and we had forgotten the keys inside so then we went to get the landlord and the landlord was on vacation and we were like yeah, awesome.  So then we slept in the Hna House, which is like down the street which was convenient and we slept in the house in our clothes and went to breakfast in our same clothes.  Then we went back to our room and our land lord was there and were like ahhhh yay and he was like you guys are lucky I just came back because I forgot something, and it was cool.

But Tuesday Hna Polatis had a Leader conference so I was with Hna Duarte from Paraguay and that was fun she is so upbeat and we were running back and forth between our areas that day.  So we got to talk a lot and it was really fun.  She was like what are you studying and I was like chemistry and she’s like ewe gross why?  And I was like because I want to do police work.  And she’s like for the FBI?  And I’m like that is my dream.  And she’s like, oh like Abby, and it was really funny.

Then on Wednesday we did divisions with some Hnas and it was cool, like a more normal day.

Then it was my birthday and we went to an investigator in the morning and were like yeah normal lesson and then she’s like it’s your birthday.  Here’s a lunch.  So I ate lunch there.  Then we went to the pensionista and she gave me a cake and more lunch.

Then the rest of the day was like yeah normal working with like the occasional person shaking my hand and saying Happy Birthday and it was good.

But then all these people from Chilca started calling our phone and saying Happy Birthday.  And it was just like ouch, like it hurt to talk to them, and I wasn’t supposed to be talking to them.  It was something that Hna Witt was trying to do to be loving and sweet but it kind of hurt remembering all of them since I was just starting to like my new area.

But it passed quickly.  And finally we were starting to have a normal week.  And it was pretty good.

I forgot to mention.

I gave my first ever talk in church in Spanish yesterday.  I was given an hour to prepare it that is counting the sacrament meeting.  But I feel it went pretty well while I was speaking I would look out and feel like people were looking at me like what is she saying but after people came up and were like I really liked when you said this, even an investigator quoted me when we were talking to her later that night it was cool.

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