Monday, April 13, 2015

I dont really know what to write this week

Week Sixty-three!

My companion is going home in like not very much time.  So we are passing some time helping her get ready while still being very focused in the work.  We are staying focused a lot more with fasting.  I have never really had a huge fasting experience but I know that with our faith it will bring us miracles in these next couple weeks.

We are working hard to find the people here that God has prepared for us, and I know we can find them.  There have been people working in the center of Ambo for about a year, so I know that there are just so many people here waiting to hear the gospel.

I’m doing really well and I am so happy to be here we found this wonderful lady named Jesusa and she has a son and daughter who are 10 and 8 and she is a single mom who doesn’t know how to read and doesn’t have a religious background at all.  It is so great to go back and really be able to teach the stories of Jesus and of the Bible that we always think that we all know and see her faith just grow.

She has such a desire to learn and her 10 year old son helps us so much. He is so smart. He reads to his mom and knows the scriptures so well.

Their faith amazes me and I know that she is one of the people that God has prepared for us.

I love you all

Hermana Peters

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