Monday, May 19, 2014

The Cat that Enters Without Permission

Week Sixteen!
Well this week was pretty good. The first thing that happened was divisions, and it was hard.  For 24 hours I was with the Hrna Leader. Someone I don’t know and we didn’t really have time to get to know each other or each other’s teaching style.  So we would try to have lessons and take it in completely opposite directions from each other and we didn’t know how to teach in each other’s way.  So that was hard.  But I passed and I get to stay on my mission so yeah, go me.

Yeah and then Rosanny finally got baptized.  Finally. lol, but yeah after she was like I do not care about my mom’s opinion on this I know I need to be baptized and she was.  Her mom was like I will not be there because my son has sports and Rosanny was like I don’t care so we picked her up because her mom won’t take her.   So we pick her up to take her to the church, which took extra time because they closed the main road for drag races, (crazy right) and Rosanny’s mom was sitting out watching the drag races.  So yeah she was there but Satan was holding on till the very end.  We had to baptize her 3 times, because she wasn’t making it under all the way.  It was hard and her mom is like no we need to stop she can’t do it again and were like will you be quiet for like 5 seconds while we do this and so she did and the third time was perfect and it was all good.
Then there is this cat whom I assume you have heard about before it enters without permission and one time I hit it with a broom and so it is scared of us.  Well this cat.  THIS CAT, fell through a hole on the roof into a locked room that only the land lord (who is currently in Lima) has access to, and at 2am, TWO IN THE MORNING it started meowing at the top of its lungs non stop in the window that was dividing my head from the room.  So at 6 30 when we can "wake up" we opened the window and it ran from us, because I hit it with a broom once, so it didn’t want us to save it, so we went to the neighbor who also has access to the room via window and she wasn’t tall enough to reach it so Hna Witt tried to grab it and still couldn’t reach.

Finally when we hid and she called it, it jumped into her house.

I really don’t want that cat living here and I am really tired.

Hermana Peters

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