Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Herman Witt

Week Fifteen!

Well this week was a lot better than most. I don’t know why and I don’t know why I have things to say because I literally talked to you yesterday but I do.

Haydee's Baptism
This week we had a baptism for Ide, which is actually spelled Haydee as we found out. Oops.  It was good and she is so cute.  She put on a baptismal gown and was all embarrassed to walk out but when she did her husband like lite up. It was seriously so cute. 
Haydee, Hma. Witt, Hma. Peters
Haydee's Family

We were supposed to baptize her niece Diana too but her aunt took her away on purpose so that she wouldn't be baptized.  Which is really annoying because her aunt had never had anything to do with her life before so why does she care now?  I know why because of Satan.

But good news on the Rosanny front, She is confident that she will be baptized on this Friday because she is 18 and can make her own decisions and she wants to be baptized I feel like because she knows it’s true and because she knows she needs to be baptized she is getting the confidence to talk to her mom.  Which is awesome.

We also have a young man who was baptized by the elders who were there before us and we were talking to his sister and she’s like I want to be a Mormon and were like well did Henry tell you anything about the church and she was like nope nothing and we were like well now we can punch Henry.  Just kidding but it was a little frustrating because she loves the gospel and we are teaching his mom too and his dad lives in Utah so we were just like wut.

Anyway, we were teaching her and her friend and they had lots of questions and then somehow her friend was like but there are zombies in the United States.  We were trying so hard not to laugh, but really we died.  It was so funny.  We explained to her that it was just a TV show called the walking dead but she was so cute it was so funny.

This Friday was the birthday of Hermana Witt.  And it was a pretty good day, we had a hard time at first, because we lost our baptism, but after we went and saw Jaimes family and they gave us cake and we ate cake and then we went to our pentionista and she gave us cake and we ate cake again and it was good.

I think that was it and it was a good week and today is cool.

Love you 
Hermana Peters

We had a good time on Sunday it was basically like a second p day we had church and then we went to the familia baltzar, with the elders in our ward, and the elders in the other ward, and we ate pachamunca which is made by digging a hole and you put the potatoes in and cover with rocks and then the meat and cover with rocks and then humitas and cover with rocks and then the vegetables and cover with grass and rocks and corn husks and then cover with a tarp and it cooks from the heat of the earth and they filmed everything because there is a TV show called Consuelo in Peru and we are going to be on it tonight at 5, it is the show of their daughter, and they are just a super cool family.  They just threw all the food on tarps and we just ate it with our fingers.  It was cool.

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