Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hola! Soy Hermana Peters, Soy una representante de Jesuchristo!

Week One! 

Hola! Soy Hermana Peters, Soy una representante de Jesuchristo!


Like we have been into the city three times now and it is just so gorgeous.  I love it so much.  I have the greatest companion ever, she is so sweet!  Also my district is super rad. We have three Elderes y 6 Hermanas. If there was a sassy award we would win it. and I lied we only have 2 Elderes because one went home, which is so sad because I love him so much.  But we have such a good time. I am pretty sure our teachers hate us because there is just so much sass that they don't know what to do with us.

My Spanish is coming along pretty well. I have been asked 4 times if I know English so I guess that is something. It is great. I can communicate slightly with my Latina roommates, and we teach each other because they want to learn English, they say it sounds beautiful, which i don't understand, but whatever.

We are already teaching investigators which is so hard because I know so little Spanish but the Spirit is so strong!  And we go tracting for the first time on Saturday, it will be so hard! But today we were in Lima looking at shops and stuff and two people from our district placed folletas! it was so cool. People here are so ready to hear the gospel and are so loving and understanding! I don't even believe it!

Other than that we just spend a lot of time in class, in the morning our teacher speaks in English and in the evening it is all Spanish.  He speaks SUUPPERR slow for us, but I understand what most of what he says.  Now when we speak in English I like forget some words or add others, I legit speak like English is a second language.  Yeah but both classes are like a combination of like learning Spanish and learning the gospel, it is weird but it works. 

Mi comprañera is struggling with homesickness and I feel horrible because there is nothing I can really do except pray for her and give her simple advice. and last night I walked into our room and my stomach sank like I felt that she was going to go home but today we were talking and she said that she prayed about if she should stay here and she got the answer no and it just broke my heart because I love her so much and while we were talking I was talking through the spirit and it kept guiding me to say things that like make it sound like I was okay with her going home, which made me really sad.  I just love her so much.

Other than that the food is great.  We have some form of chicken or fish and some form of rice for every meal, so it is not really a big change of diet for me, for some people it is because their bodies aren't use to it so they are having digestive problems and I´m just like guys, this is like all I eat at school.  So not a lot of potatoes or guinea pigs yet.

I don't know what else you want to know so this is all I have.
First Inca Cola!
Love you,
Hermana Peters

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