Monday, June 8, 2015

I don’t know if you’re counting

Week Seventy-One!

I’m pretty sure you know that I will only be writing like 5 more emails after this.  How weird is that.

This week I had a very interesting talk with my mission President.  He called and asked me when I wanted to go home.  It kind of hit me hard, and was never a question I had really thought about being a real option.

It led me to think of an email my dad sent when I had only 9 months in the mission.  When I climbed Huatapallaga and he explained that it is like the mission.  You climb to the top and you get there and you feel so good but you realize that you’re only half way done.  It’s just as hard and long going down because you’re sore and tired but when you’re all the way finished its so much better.

That is where I’m at.  I remember getting to the flat path were I could see the bus parked waiting for me and just wanting to be there so bad.  I wanted it to come and pick me up and take me from there, almost to the end, but not quite.  But now looking back thinking that was the part I was the most proud of, that I could finish even though it was the hardest part.  Harder than the lack of oxygen, harder than peeling an orange at an altitude that I never want to experience again, was the flat easiest walk to the bus.

It was the most rewarding because it would have been easy to give up there.  It took a lot of encouragement from others but I did it.  That is where I am now.  I don’t know how much I wanted to tell President I wanted to go home early, but I knew the Lord needed me here until the end, and He needs me to put my all into it and continue strong in the work.  So thank you everyone for your encouragement.

I love you all
Hermana Peters

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