Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Week

Week Seventy-Four!

This week we had a special Multizone with Elder. W. Christopher Waddell from the 70 (those first ones if you have to ask) and it was really good.  He focused on when the call to hasten the work was made there was an "upgrade" of missionaries.  Before they were the missionary 1.0 where their only goal was to baptize.  Now we are missionary 2.0, because we don’t only work to baptize (even though it is our main focus) but also retain the new members and activate the less active members.

Something that really hit me is that he said our Heavenly Father saved us for this time because in the war in heaven he saw us fighting for his plan working to help our brothers and sister to choose what is right.

I really liked that because I feel the love I had for them (our brothers and sisters in heaven).  I feel like the mission is more like that time than ever because people still have to choose and we are just here fighting for them to do what it right and that was the most amazing to me.

That’s all.


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