Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Week Forty-nine!

Well I’m still waiting on my hoverboard, but I’m happy to know that this means that orange sport coats with leather sleeves and swag white Nikes are in style.

 I feel like because of Back to the Future I had all these expectations for this year, and it always seemed so far away, but here we are in 2015, and I feel normal.  Maybe that is a good thing, there is some pretty cool technology happening, like since when is there more than 6 iPhones? 

But I feel like if we had flying cars and dehydrated pizzas our world might be a little more prideful.

To get my crazy side out I would just like to touch on a topic that I have always loved so much, but always had a little doubt.

I would just like to say that, yes, I believe aliens exist.  This isn’t just coming out because Moses says he sees many worlds, and that they have been, are, and will always be people on other planets.  I have had the opportunity to speak with lots of different people in this past year some of them with reliable opinions, others not so much, but it has brought me to the conclusion that I believe, but I always had a doubt that followed that.

If there are other people on other worlds why do we only say Christ suffered for this world?

Well, talking with the husband of our pensionista he brought up a very good point.  That this world is for the strongest and the weakest of the followers meaning that Satan wants to tempt us, because it will be easy to tempt the weakest, and a huge reward to temp the strongest.  Meaning that we are the only of the worlds with hate, and war, and all things bad, and that is what is holding us back.

I still don’t know if they have visited our planet, but with the conclusion in this form, we can say because they are a peaceful people, they can dedicate to edifying sciences, and have more advanced technology to travel space, and if they have that technology, why would they come here?  Because it’s the world with war and hate?  No, because, it’s the world where the Christ suffered for us.

There are lots of reasons.  I’m not saying that now I am completely convinced that they visit us.  But my conclusion is in the works.

I’m not crazy.

I love you guys:)

It’s a Spaniard, lol, right now there is a traditional dance called Los Negritos, and he is one of the characters.  He’s like a clown basically.  He asked where I was from and he was like Oregon?  And I was like yeah, and he was like she’s from Oregano!

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