Sunday, May 10, 2015

The start of an ending

Week Sixty-six!

Well that was a really awesome mission call.  Now I will have someone to speak Spanish with.  Really Jon won’t speak that weird language the world is so moved forward that they will almost all know Spanish.  It’s like here I don’t speak Quechua.  I know some things but not very much.  Just the mean things.

This week I had the great blessing of staying the weekend and a few days this week in Tarapaca and I can really see the fruits of my labor.  I get to be here because as it has been said before my companion is going to her house, and right now she is with president.

I got to see all of the people who love me the most, haha, but really though it is really amazing.  Even though I only had one convert in the area and it was really hard to find people to teach it is seriously one of my favorite areas and I love the people here and the ward members are truly people who are dedicated to helping the cause.

I don’t have very many other updates because I have not been in my area but we will know who my new companion is tomorrow.

I love you all.

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