Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Doubt Your Doubts

Week Fifty-eight!

This week I have been thinking a bit about the doubts we can have as members and in the Liahona, and I assume also in the Ensign, there was a great talk about When Doubts and Questions arise and it defines both of these words to help us better ourselves.

First it starts by explaining that it is 100 percent okay to have questions because questions help us to grow in our faith. 

"Questions, when asked with a sincere desire to increase one’s understanding and faith, are to be encouraged.  Many ancient and modern revelations have come as the result of a sincere question...A sincere questioner continues to be obedient while searching for answers"

“By contrast, I have seen that when people doubt their beliefs, they often suspend their commitment to commandments and covenants while waiting for answers. The doubter’s posture is generally to withhold obedience or limit it, pending resolution of the doubts."

But the thing that has been most important is when we have these questions where we look for the answer. We need to know the intention of what was written if it was to inform people about the church like lds.org or mormon.org or if it was made to talk bad about the church.

But more importantly we can ask God. We can ask him if we have any doubt or question and if we are spiritually ready for that response He will answer. I know this is true and anything that is questionable is usually the acts of man because His church is perfect

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